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A Story of Everyday “Miracles”

A Story of Everyday “Miracles”

Hi Everyone 🙂

I was going to post this on facebook but then realized that I hadn’t posted here for a while and I just knew this story would make you smile… so here goes 🙂  The other day I looked up and asked about something I’d been thinking about for a while. It feels like big changes are coming for me. The “need” to change things.  Mostly myself but everything that is part of me. First it was the curtains in a color I would never in my life have picked. Green! lol  They are scalloped and in different shades of green and just beautiful. Next came my house… that had to be a specific shade of sage.  I love burgundy’s and blue’s… but for some reason I had to change the color of my house to Sage. It’s not the shade I was envisioning but for some reason I know it’s what’s needed.  Now my car. My car is such a great car, good gas mileage, runs perfect, and I could get another 8 years out of it, but for some reason I’m being drawn to a Jeep Wrangler.  I love the Jeep Wrangler, don’t get me wrong, but financially it’s just not an option.  Yet it won’t go away.

Soooo, the other day I looked up and asked that if getting a Jeep Wrangler was something I should invest in, and it would all work out financially, then I wanted a Jeep to pull up and park right in front of me.  I was parked at Vincent’s in Westminster for only 5 minutes.  As I was about to leave I saw a Jeep Wrangler enter the parking lot and I just sat there and watched as this Jeep came through the almost empty parking lot and park right in FRONT. OF. ME.  I had to scrape my jaw up off the floor.  So with this being said… I don’t know how, but I do know I’m going to own a Jeep Wrangler in the near future.

I believe in Miracles and that there was a Miracle!  Maybe not in the traditional sense, but a glimmer of hope in an everyday longing. So the Jeep… I have no doubt. 🙂  It’s not up to me to figure out the how. They’ll take care of everything up there. <3 If it’s white, I’ll have blue butterflies painted in a beautiful way on it, with my website.  If it’s red… well, I love red. I’m surprised that didn’t change. lol    Cheers to Miracles 🙂

Don’t take this the wrong way — I’m not talking about praying for material things. Instead, I’m talking about manifesting what you want in life, whatever it is. 

If you live as if you are broke… you’ll always be broke.  That kind of energy of thought will keep you where you are.  But if you can be thankful for the money you have to buy food, pay bills, etc. and always say “this will come back to me” after you pay out.  Just wait for it to come back to you.. but more than that… believe it will.  Just the other day I paid a bill for $200 and said this will come back to me.  2 days later I had a check in the mail for $200.  The most important part is believing. Living in thoughts of lack, or what you don’t have, will bring more of the same. That energy is powerful and the universe is like…. oh wow look at that energy, they must want more!!  So you are sent more.  Keep your thoughts on what you want in life and it will come to you. Don’t think about the money part of it or the how.  Just believe it’s on it’s way.  Angels are very crafty beings and know just how to bring you want you want and need. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and keep looking up 🙂



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