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Happy 2011 Everyone!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season 🙂  It’s 2011 and if you haven’t noticed there have been some major shifts in the earths energy.  This is going to be a year for major changes… just go with the flow and let go of things that dont really matter…  and save your energy for the ones that do. 🙂
Just yesterday I went for my Lightarian Reiki attunements for Level 1 & 2.  All I can say is WOW!!!!!  I saw colors, almost like a lava lamp… then when the ascended masters came in at the end to send their love.. I saw beams of white arcs pulsing over and over again. It was way cool!!!  And Jesus came in for the attunement!!  Elizabeth asked me if I’d been working with Jesus, and I smiled and said, “I sing to him”. 🙂  She proceeded to tell me he was there with us. He told me (through Elizabeth) that he hears my every word.  He sees over what has been happening in my life and he hears me and is with me.  I cried…  I had been driving to E’s house for the attunement and talking to the angels about some things going on.. and mentioned how I needed a few miracles.  When I was done, I turned on one of my favorite CD’s by Kari Jobe and just sang….  I used to not be able to make it through the songs without crying.. but  now I can.  And now I also know he’s listening 🙂
It was an amazing day.  E told me that I’d feel these atttunements physically.. and boy was she right.  I was very warm when I left her… and my heat has been off in my room since yesterday and Im still warm.  My body feels a bit off kilter.. but not badly.  It’ll soon pass and then I’ll move onto Level 3. 🙂  But right now.. I feel EVERYTHING!!!  It’s incredible.  All day today I have been in tune with people I’ve talked to.. readings are almost instant.. And I can feel the person before they even ask for a reading!  I didn’t know that’s what it was at first… I thought it was just me.. and I kept clearing myself over and over.. but it wasn’t until I did the reading that the feeling passed in that person, and also in me.  I was like..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ok.. I get it now.  🙂  Later a friend of mine mentioned without detail something going on in their life and I immediately felt a dialog start in my head…  I wrote to her about what I felt and Im dying to see if I was on target.. he he  Lately the readings have been dead on! They are getting more and more detailed, and in depth, not to mention alot longer.  I am opening up and the angels are coming through loud and clear. 🙂  I am so grateful!!!  What a gift to have.  Who would have thought?
After the attunements I went to see my friend Sue for more hypnosis… She’s very good at what she does and she helps me resolve past issues.. and I give her energy work.  Yesterday she felt EVERYTHING!!!  I was so proud..  he he  I dont know if it was the attunements or that the energy is just flowing more freely or a little of both.. but I’m thankful just the same.  To be able to do this work has got to be the best gift anyone could ever ask for.
Today I was thinking in so much more clarity than ever before and really delving into my dream of opening a healing center.  Angel Town Healing Center. 🙂  It will include Healers of all kinds, angel readers, aura readers, hypnosis, yoga & meditation, classes, a publishing section, a metaphysical store with books, cds and crystals, a health food store, and so much more.  It will be a place where people can come for hope, guidance, health, and for empowerment.  Can you imagine all of this in one place?  It is beautiful!  This is my dream and it is so. 🙂
Many of you have mentioned a feeling of releasing… of needing to clear out the old (Myself included).  Go for it!  It’s the universe letting you know that there is newness coming for you.. and it’s just waiting for you to make room.  There are also things coming to a close for many… this is not a bad thing. It’s just taking what is no longer working in your life and getting you ready to replace it with something new and exciting that will work for you and help you move forward.  This year is about movement and changes… embrace them and welcome them into your life. Dont let fears hold you back… just let go and enjoy all that comes to you.  You never know the miracles they hold for you. 🙂
Have a wonderful January…. Get outside and breathe in the fresh air.. then look up and say Thank you 🙂
Life is what you make it… Choose peace…  and let God take care of the rest…
***Angel Blessings***

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