Healing Sessions Available

Healing Therapy & Intuitive Readings

Energy Therapy

Experience an energetic alignment and balancing of your body, removing blocks and negative energy.

Intuitive Readings

Receive guidance from the angelic realm, offering readings that empower you to navigate challenging life situations.

Healer Healing

For healers looking for cleansing and clearing so that you may return to your practice renewed.


For those who wish to have energy therapy or intuitive reading sessions every month, members enjoy discounted rates.

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Energy Therapy

Divine Energy Healing Sessions

I.E.T. (Integrated Energy Therapy) combined with Shamballa and Lightarian Reiki is a unique process that completes an energetic alignment and balancing of your body, removing blocks and negative energy. This creates a feeling of calm, giving you a sense of peace and clarity at the end of your session. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Sessions can also have the effect of opening you up spiritually, if that is your path. Energy healing has been effective supporting those with virtually every known physical and mental illness.If you are feeling unbalanced emotionally, mentally or physically, IET may be able to help.
Energy Therapy

Healing for Healers

As a healer, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid absorbing negative energy in your day-to-day healing work—and as intuitives, in your everyday life. Many of the healers who come to me for clearing tell me that they don’t trust just anyone, and I am grateful for the many who solely trust me to help them regain their balance. For healers, my sessions focus on cleansing and clearing all of your chakras, removing all blocks so that you can return to your practice renewed. As one of my clients, put it: “It is important for teachers and healers to have IET sessions regularly to maintain positive, healthy energy and to clear their chakras. I have had several sessions with Sally and the results have been profound.”
Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Angel Guidance Sessions

Angels are very powerful healers and offer divine guidance to anyone who asks for their help. Angel Guidance Sessions connect the reader with your angels as well as the entire angelic realm in order to give you guidance and help empower you so that you can see certain aspects of your life more clearly, as well as what may help you through challenging life situations. This guidance will help you to live your life to the fullest. Guidance sessions are always positive and given to empower you. Angel Oracle cards are used in addition to sharing intuitive messages that are channeled from the angels for you.
Training Sessions Available

Healer Training & Attunements

Reiki Training

As a Master-Teacher, I am able to offer training in Lightarian Reiki and Shamballa Multidimensional Healing.

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Private Spiritual Tutoring

In this 3-4 hour session you will be connected to the energies of Seraph Rose Aura. This personalized training is created to help accelerate your spiritual communication.

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These multi-session programs are available to those looking to learn the entire Lightarian Reiki program, including Lightarian Angel Links, Lightarian Rays, Lightarian Clearings, Lightarian Purification Rings, Lightarian Ascension Bands, and Lightarian Gateway Modalities.

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12-Month Healer Program

For those interested in starting a healing practice, I offer a 12-month healer program that is set up to attune you to Master Teacher in Shamballa Reiki and Master Teacher in Lightarian Reiki, as well as certifications in five additional Lightarian programs of spiritual healing and acceleration.

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Private SPA DAY Parties

You can now book your own private Spa Day for your and your friends here at Blue Butterfly Of Hope.

Create your very own Spa Day with your friends and family. You can have your party here at Blue Butterfly of Hope. All you need to do is supply the guests and snacks, we will take care of the rest. Each guest will receive one 20 minute energy healing session, one Intuitive reading (Angel, Mediumship or Astrology Reading), and a Soul Aura Painting (Or Personal Guardian Angel painting for repeating guests).


In-person and remote sessions available