12-Month Healer Program

12-Month Healer Program

For those interested in starting a healing practice, I offer a 12-month healer program that is set up to attune you to Master Teacher in Shamballa Reiki and Master Teacher in Lightarian Reiki, as well as certifications in five additional Lightarian programs of spiritual healing and acceleration.

This healing program begins with Shamballa and after attaining Master you begin Lightarian Reiki and receive attunements monthly for 3 months. After achieving these two Master Teacher certifications, you’ll receive Lightarian attunements weekly for the remainder of the year until you’ve completed the Lightarian programs of spiritual healing and acceleration.

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This 12-Month Healer Program includes:

SHAMBALLA REIKI – Master-Teacher Certification

Shamballa, while similar to Reiki, is an independent Spiritual system of energy healing. Shamballa offers a higher vibrational healing spectrum than traditional reiki’s, providing a faster rate and intensity of energy healing. The only higher vibration healing is Lightarian Reiki. Shamballa is the perfect pre-requisite mastership to Lightarian Reiki.

LIGHTARIAN REIKI – Master- Teacher Certification

Lightarian Reiki extends the vibrational healing spectrum beyond Usui, Karuna, and Shamballa Reiki’s and brings forth the most powerful healing energy available. Through Lightarian Reiki, Ascended Master Buddha accelerates the practitioners’ healing abilities with higher vibrational healing energy for the benefit of humanity.

LIGHTARIAN RAYS Master – Teacher Certification

The Lightarian Rays include 6 powerfully guided meditations focusing on accelerating your spiritual transformation. The first 5 Rays help you through your individual spiritual growth (Empowerment Ray, Clearing Ray, Healing Ray, Activation Ray, and Manifestation Ray). The final ray (Source Ray) helps ready you for the unfolding process involved with humanities ascension.

LIGHTARIAN CLEARINGS Master Teacher Certification

The Lightarian Clearings include 6 Attunements that work to release adverse behavioral patterns stemming from limiting self-belief, unresolved past life/soul level issues, physical stressors, dis-ease, deep emotional blocks, and influences from family, culture,  ethnicity, and religion. Releasing these help with your physical incarnation. The enhanced clearing that occurs stimulates healing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). This healing helps you make conscious choices as opposed to ingrained, automatic behavioral choices. Your chakras will be able to bring in more light, expanding your clarity of thought, and enabling your innate gifts and abilities to help create a life of joy and abundance.


The Lightarian Purification Rings include a series of 6 Attunements that create powerful connections for you with the Seraphim. The Seraphim Angels are powerful groups of angels that are stepping forward to assist humanity with its evolution.  They will help you by expanding your energetic vibration and opening y9ou up to the qualities of unconditional love, wholeness, harmony, beauty, and bliss within your energy fields. These qualities are anchored in to your everyday experiences.

LIGHTARIAN ASCENSION BANDS Master Teacher Certification

Ascension Bands Bridge Attunement 

The ascension bands are designed to accelerate your personal expansion while raising your vibration.  Your healing process is accelerated as a result. This program gives those wanting the buddhic energies, but not the aspect of healing others, the opportunity to experience Buddha and his guidance, while following your own individual path of growth on your journey.  ** For those already attuned to Lightarian Reiki and the Buddhic energies, the Bridge attunement will allow you to offer the entire Ascension Band program to others. 

BONUS: Register for this program and receive Lightarian Angel Links Master-Teacher Certification for FREE ($222 value)

LIGHTARIAN ANGEL LINKS Master – Teacher Certification

The Angel links are a series of 5 Angelic Attunements that connect you with Seraph Rose Aura, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Uriel. You will have a permanent connection with these angels who will help you in your personal life and expand within you the angelic qualities of unconditional love, non-judgement, courage, beauty, and joy.  These connections are lifelong and will guide you on your path.


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What People Say About Training with Sally

Recently, I personally experienced some of Sally's healing, after having suffered a long bout of physical pain due to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I also had some energy that needed to be cleansed and shifted, to allow new and healthy energy to enter. It is important for teachers and healers to have IET sessions regularly to maintain positive, healthy energy and to clear their chakras. I had two sessions with Sally and the results have been profound. Since my treatments, I have felt wonderful, energetic, and my pain has nearly diminished. I feel lighter and freer and my energy and chakra’s are now balanced once again. Sally is very gifted, working with her spiritual team to assist in whatever areas need attention. Her determination and sheer grace as an IET therapist is of utter professionalism and optimism. I cannot speak highly enough of her, her services and her natural ability to heal. I am grateful for all that you do Sally!
Danielle Federico Testimonial
Danielle FedericoHealer, Medium, Angel Communicator, Teacher, Mentor and Owner of The Spirit Within

If you’re ever in doubt as to whether remote attunements work, I am here to tell you they absolutely do. I have given and received many and I loved Sally’s remote Lightarian attunements!

Michelle McCarthy
Michelle McCarthyCSO heart2hearthealing.com, IET practitioner-instructor, Reiki Master
I had a reading and healing from Sally and it really helped me to move forward. It is wonderful that she told me so many things I needed to hear to leave any doubts that were inside of me. Her reading was just amazing! She has life changing messages that everyone will truly appreciate. Reading for my husband was awesome!!! I can't thank her enough.It is hard to explain. One should try and experience it because everyone is different. Sally is a lovely Angel full of Love and Light:-) I had a healing session after which I feel full of energy safe and happy so I can pass my happiness to others. I really enjoyed it. I had a beautiful relaxing time during the session.
Anika Testimonial

I’ve been a client of Sally’s for years. She provided me with healings, attunements, readings, and guidance. I found her when I needed to learn, heal, and ascend in my life. Her gifts proved to be Divine, Pure, and extraordinarily powerful that I will continue, no matter how far I ascend on my journey, to turn to her for anything I need spiritually. Thank you God, the Angels, and the Universe for putting her on my path. I am who I am because she is part of my life. Thank you Sally!

Gina McEnroe

I am grateful to have been guided to Sally as a teacher. She is knowledgeable, caring and passionate. Her personality is gentle and kind, I love the one on one learning sessions!!! Receiving the Lightarian attunments has really increased the speed I am able to heal myself as well as others. I cannot recommendation her highly enough!!

Wendy Caira Testimonial
Wendy CairaOwner of Rising Phoenix Spiritual Healing

Blue Butterfly of Hope is a welcoming place for learning and receiving reiki. I’ve personally been learning the ways of Shamballa Reiki and Lightarian Reiki for 5 months now. I always feel welcomed and reassured before and after my attunements. Sally is a very professional and attentive teacher. Checking in and working with me to reach my goal as a Master teacher in Shamballa and Lightarian Reiki. I am currently in the 12 month Healer Program with very affordable monthly payments. I highly recommend Sally and Blue Butterfly of Hope for energy work and a full program of attunements if you are drawn to do this work!  Thank you Sally!

Alexandra MontowskiEquine Massage Therapist, Leominster, Ma.

I started off with energy healing sessions and readings from Sally then progressed to her doing attunements with me (in the healer program). This provided me with more clarity in my life and enhanced my practice at work.  Everything she does leaves me with calmness and a sense of peace. It has greatly benefited me in several ways and I'm very thankful she was able to do that.

Becky LorionEsthetician and Spa Therapist, Owner of Skinfluentials


In-person and remote training and attunements available