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With every thing you choose that is not good for you, you put yourself farther and farther from that which you truly want.  Every act.. every pound.. you hide deeper and deeper and hold yourself further back.  But why?  I guess if that could be answered easily we’d all be healed. We’d all live in abundance and be blissfully happy.  Why do you think we make the choices we do, even though we know they will bring us in the opposite direction of our dreams and goals. Those choices camouflage us more and more from ourselves. We can see clearly in our minds what we want… but yet we make choices that say the opposite.  Do you feel worthy of what it is you want for yourself?  I used to think I did. I would have bet my life I did.  And even now… I believe I do.  But my actions sometimes say otherwise. Do yours too?

Logic and reason helps me stay grounded in this world. But allowing myself to leave and feel the bliss of another place feels so much better.  I can help others when I’m there. It feels good. But when I return, I am back in this lonely world and it’s just me.  I know I shouldn’t feel this way.  I have soooo much to be grateful for.. and I am.  Don’t mistake that.. I truly am. I’ve been given miracles for which I can never repay. But I try.

This emotion I’m feeling… I have not felt it in a very long time.  I wonder if it’s truly mine or anothers’.  I tell myself that I have healed.  I’m good.  But yet here it is.  And then my trying to see that light at the end of the tunnel suddenly goes dark. Every time I get close, every time I let go, every time I’m done…..  I’m halted in place.  Have you ever felt this way?

But I am no victim!  And neither are you! While you may not know how to completely disconnect from it, do not let it take you down. You can choose another path. You can choose something else. something better. I look up and see sun shining through the green leaves and I feel hope.  It’s amazing what the trees can do 🙂  You can choose a different path.  You can break free.  Here is a little prayer to help you…

Dear Archangel Michael,

Please help me to choose a path that’s right for me. Help me to break the ties that bind me to another place and time. Please clear those cords from me and help me to be completely free. Free from my past and Free to be open to any and all opportunities that are on their way to me now. Help me to see them and act upon them, for I know they will be guided by you to me. And also please help me to remember to show gratitude for that light at the end of the tunnel and all of your divine guidance.


Many blessings to you all,


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