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Prophetic dreams leading to meditative weight loss

Prophetic dreams leading to meditative weight loss

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited after a dream I had the other night. First let me say that I’m working with some incorrect spacing issues happening with the blog posts (something to do with the html).  I don’t know how to fix it but I’m going to write this anyway.  Just try to ignore the spacing issues.  I woke up from a prophetic like dream. I had been struggling with my place in this world and life itself. I’d let a sugar addiction rule my world.

Recently, I’d been talking to my body and working with my inner self to find control over my own thoughts.  Then talking to my thoughts to get everything in me to work together for better health. It was working but I knew I had fun plans for the weekend so I stopped talking and just went with mental habits.  That alone reacted within my body and I felt like I was carrying around these heavy weights. It was crazy how I could eat salt and be perfectly fine but put sugar in me and I swell up like a balloon and have a hard time moving. The other night, after ignoring my body for the weekend, I had this dream.  I rarely remember my dreams but this one was real. No odd happenings, no crazy “characters”, just real life happening.  Only this dream was my life a year from now. I was in so much pain.  But in reality, the sugar I’d ingested over the weekend had my body in pain. In this dream I was being told I needed a 3 week regimen of chemo. I never heard the “C” word but we all know what chemo means. I was preparing. My thoughts went to those I’d leave behind. I kept thinking, if only I’d stuck with my self communication and healthy whole food eating, I wouldn’t be here going through this right now.  I started to realize all that I could have prevented and all that I would now be losing.  I woke up soon thereafter.

I woke up still in this dreamed reality.  It was very real. While I know it was a dream, I also know it was an answer to what I’d been asking the Angels for the past few months.  I’d gotten a similar insight a year before my good friend and sister in law passed. I shared with her the concern of her husband that had passed, but it wasn’t enough.  So now as I sit here I realize that I can let this go as a dream, to make myself feel better, or I can take this gift and change my life.

I’m choosing life.

A month ago I started reading books on the insights (how life works), which brought me to other books and videos of experts talking about nutrition and our personal vibration, as well as how this helps us heal our body and mind.  I came to realize that no matter what imprints (energy) we carry with us from this life and past lives, we can choose and change our outcome in this life.  I actually believe that is our purpose. We are not meant to stay stuck. We are meant to work through our traumas to get to the other side of them in order to live fully.  I’ve been helping beautiful souls to work through those imprints so they can live fully, and as much as I’ve done my own inner work, I had not completely done this part. The info I’ve been absorbing from these experts and my own inner communication has led me to start working on a meditative weight loss program.  This isn’t any quick fix or special foods. It’s conquering our mind in order to work with our body to WANT the healthy and nutritious foods over the processed sugary ones.

I’ve been reading “Grow a new body” and have been mesmerized by how good nutrition can fight off disease as well as help us to regenerate the cells in our body so we can be at optimum health. I never thought I could look at food and nutrition the way I am. But I know that talking with my body is helping. The dream was the final kick in the pants! Today is the first day of the rest of my life. :). My guidance is leading me to create a video blog to talk to you all through this journey. I won’t make this special blog live till it’s a few months in and proven successful.  I am the guinea pig (haha) and I have to find what works and what doesn’t. I won’t be at my weight loss goals when this goes live but I will be a work  in progress and I think that’s more real. The main goal of this is to help you make a mind-body connection that will bring you success, not only in weight loss but in anything you want for your life.  No more wishing. No more starting over and over. No more beating ourselves up. No more blaming parents, breakups, injuries, or anything outside of ourselves.

Today is a new day.️  I don’t wish that dream I had on anyone, but I am so grateful for it.  If you could be given such a gift, what would you do with it?

May today be the first day of the rest of your life 🙂

Many Blessings,


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