Intuitive Angel Guidance Sessions

Intuitive Angel Guidance Sessions

Angels are very powerful healers and offer divine guidance to anyone who asks for their help. Angel Guidance Sessions connect the reader with your angels as well as the entire angelic realm in order to give you guidance and help empower you so that you can see certain aspects of your life more clearly, as well as what may help you through challenging life situations. This guidance will help you to live your life to the fullest. Guidance sessions are always positive and given to empower you. Angel Oracle cards are used in addition to sharing intuitive messages that are channeled from the angels for you.

 For those out of town who still want a reading, I offer recorded guidance sessions. These type of sessions require you to email me a list of your questions and/or requests for guidance. The sessions is done in very deep meditation, recorded, and emailed to you within 24 hours of the date you choose.  I am available to clarify any questions you may have following your reading.



What People Say About Intuitive Angel Guidance Sessions with Sally

I had a reading done on Friday and it was amazing!! It had me in tears because of hearing the truth, that I was fighting myself in many areas. I thank the angels for leading me to you and now I look forward to your energy work. Thank you so much, you are incredible!!!!

James K. Testimonial
James K. Corona, California
I had the pleasure of meeting Sally yesterday for the first time and had a reading and mini healing session. First I want to say that she is an amazing person to be around. She has a smile that will light up a room and personality to match. She gave me an angel reading and I have to say it left me wanting to know so much more. She hit some key points in my life about how I feel about myself through these cards but the most compelling was the last card she read to me about letting go of something in my life and it struck me so profoundly that I started crying because she confirmed without a doubt what I have been dealing with in my life just recently and when she told me what that card meant, how something was holding me back, it just confirmed for me that my decision is the right one, no matter how hard it is, I have to move forward! Along with this there was another area we touched on about being intuitive and staying in the positive areas of my life. I would recommend Sally to anyone looking for guidance. She’s truly an earthly angel indeed!!
Tammy V. Testimonial
Tammy V.,Clinton, MA

It has been close to a year now that I have had the pleasure of knowing Sally. I was in need of healing and went to see her with an open mind. I had no idea of the power and love that Sally has within her. She has helped me in so many ways but mainly in bringing me peace within myself and to learn how to keep my peace. Sally truly cares for her clients and loves helping them to feel better physically and emotionally. She spends time getting to know you and to help you. I have never ever felt rushed in a session be it for an angel reading or a healing. I believe in her 120% and have recommended family and friends to visit her. My very skeptical boyfriend now swears by Sally’s ability to clear out the stress and emotional pain and fill you with energy and peace. I cannot say enough about how Sally can help you to feel better about yourself and help you cope with life's problems.

Donna B Testimonial
Donna B. Leominster, MA
Well, this space will definitely not be enough to write all I would like to so I will keep it condensed. Sally, I call you ANGEL, why, because when I needed light and guidance the most, look at what a mutual friend brought me to. You have been an amazing guide and help through these tough times I am struggling through. First, your angel reading was very enlightening as well as correct for the information you would have never know. You brought me out of my fear of readings!! Then, the distance energy session you do for my daughter while she struggles through the transition from adolescent to adult has really brought her a long way from where we were. It is marvelous. Although I still struggle with this period in my life, I no longer feel like I am struggling alone. You are a great support! May God always bless you and the help you give others.
Denise C Testimonial
Denise CNew Brunswick, Canada

I was very pleased with the reading I received from Sally. It really hit home and made me think about some decisions I needed to make in my life. The reading was lengthy and detailed. Thank you Sally!

Lucy B Testimonial
Lucy B.Baldwinville, MA

Sally has done at least four readings for me. They always come out accurate and make me feel better afterwards. She is a great reader and healer.

Kim Landini Testimonial
Kim Landini Teacher and Professional Reiki Master and Medium, Uxbridge, Ma.

Sally has done some pendulum work for me as well as 2 private readings through the internet. I have been very satisfied with her messages of light and would recommend her in this capacity. I plan on visiting her in the spring for a few IET sessions and look forward to it.

Susi Marrotte Testimonial
Susi MarotteBusiness Owner, Artist and Intuitive Reader, Rindge, NH

I attended an IET session, my first ever. I admit I was apprehensive at first. Not sure of what to expect. The day that followed the session was emotional, but today there is a calm inside of me. Something I have not felt in a long time. Sally was a professional through and through during the session, and was available by phone for me several hours after the therapy for questions. I am looking forward to my next session and my reading. There are so many people who do not “believe” in this, but after having my own experience, they should reconsider and try it for themselves. Thank you Sally.

Debbie M Testimonial
Debbie M. Leominster, MA

Recently you gave me the best gift with your amazing talent and gift. The intuitive message you gave me was amazing and brought me peace on so many levels. I can’t thank you enough for that… you are truly blessed..and thank you for sharing your gift… XOXO

Kelly D Testimonial
Kelly D.Saugus, MA
I had a reading and healing from Sally and it really helped me to move forward. It is wonderful that she told me so many things I needed to hear to leave any doubts that were inside of me. Her reading was just amazing! She has life changing messages that everyone will truly appreciate. Reading for my husband was awesome!!! I can't thank her enough.It is hard to explain. One should try and experience it because everyone is different. Sally is a lovely Angel full of Love and Light:-) I had a healing session after which I feel full of energy safe and happy so I can pass my happiness to others. I really enjoyed it. I had a beautiful relaxing time during the session.
Anika Testimonial
Sally, thank you for the gift of your beautiful session. You are truly a healing, blessed soul who has the
ability to infuse remarkable positivity and clarity into your client’s lives. I thank you with deepest blessings from my heart. You have helped me more than words can express in this correspondence. I can only pray they are felt deep
within your heart in a pure and powerful way in which they are meant. May all the light and love you shine into others reflect back unto. I am anxious to schedule the healing work with you. I am on my path and nothing will stand in way now! I visualized sending my love and blessings of thanks to you on the wings of Angels. Sending blessings of light and love to a true Earth Angel among us.
Carmen H Testimonial
Carmen H. Malden, MA

I have had a few remote readings with Sally and all I can say is she was spot on with what she had to tell me. I would recommend her to those who would like to have a reading done honestly and with the purest of intentions.

Rose R Testimonial
Rose RWarren, MI

I had received a reading a few months ago and was completely blown away by Sally's accuracy. I was finally able to find closure with the passing of my son. It was honest with no sugar-coating. I would absolutely have another reading done in the future. Thanks for everything!

Renee C Testimonial
Renee C. Leominster, MA

I’ve been a client of Sally’s for years. She provided me with healings, attunements, readings, and guidance. I found her when I needed to learn, heal, and ascend in my life. Her gifts proved to be Divine, Pure, and extraordinarily powerful that I will continue, no matter how far I ascend on my journey, to turn to her for anything I need spiritually. Thank you God, the Angels, and the Universe for putting her on my path. I am who I am because she is part of my life. Thank you Sally!

Gina McEnroe

I am grateful to have been guided to Sally as a teacher. She is knowledgeable, caring and passionate. Her personality is gentle and kind, I love the one on one learning sessions!!! Receiving the Lightarian attunments has really increased the speed I am able to heal myself as well as others. I cannot recommendation her highly enough!!

Wendy Caira Testimonial
Wendy CairaOwner of Rising Phoenix Spiritual Healing

Words cannot express much how your Healing/Reading Combo Session with you during the weekend has helped me. Thank you so much. Through your healing and reading, you have helped me define myself on how all my life experiences had played a rule in my entire being. My lack of vision left me feeling powerless. Your healing helped me immensely to  let go of the routine of my own life being visually handicapped. You have given meaning to my world. How Grateful am I to have stumble to your Blog by chance. I should have known you earlier it would have save me a lot of frustrations, heartbreaking moments and emotionally depress. I would like to recommend whoever need a Spiritual Healing to Sally. You will never be disappointed.  A million of thanks again and again, and my heartfelt gratitude to your Gracious Guides & Angelic Friends. You are specially chosen from The HIGHEST SOURCE The Mission to guide and help the most in need. And above all you are the only hope of many people and of humanity in this planet.

Lynn of Denmark Testimonial
Erlinda Olsen of DenmarkVisually Impaired Worker for the International Blind Organization

I started off with energy healing sessions and readings from Sally then progressed to her doing attunements with me (in the healer program). This provided me with more clarity in my life and enhanced my practice at work.  Everything she does leaves me with calmness and a sense of peace. It has greatly benefited me in several ways and I'm very thankful she was able to do that.

Becky LorionEsthetician and Spa Therapist, Owner of Skinfluentials

I've been getting readings from Sally for a long time now; it's getting close to 10 years! She's phenomenal at what she does, and the readings are always uplifting and encouraging. There's good advice and never any judgment. I also tried a healing session and was blown away by how wonderful and peaceful I felt after it. I highly recommend Sally whenever you could use some guidance, a boost of self esteem, or healing! She's my go-to person any time I need some extra help spiritually.

Koree KnutsonHolden, Mass.

Hi Sally, I just wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you for our combo session yesterday! I had no expectations going in, but wanted to let you know that it truly was a wonderful experience. I thank you for your insight and ability to clear things that I didn’t realize I was still holding onto. You truly are gifted and I’m so glad I was able to share time and space with you. I can honestly say that I’m feeling much lighter and have clarity that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I promise I wont hesitate to see you again.  Thanks again, Christie

Christie H of Leominster, Ma.


In-person and remote sessions available