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You can if you believe you can :)

Hi Everyone!  Happy Spring finally!!!

Today I saw a quote online and it said, ” I can and I will… watch me!”  This reminded me of so many times in my life when someone tried to tell me I couldn’t do something.  I had some well meaning friends that told me I couldn’t go to college (I was married, had 2 kids and they felt I should go to work instead).  My son was born blind and multiply handicapped and so with all his therapies I grew to love Speech Therapy.  So I decided I was going to learn this and be a Speech Therapist.  I was told I couldn’t do that, that I needed to go to work.  I said.. watch me!  I was told that I couldn’t do a double bachelors degree and graduate with honors (too hard and it would take longer)… again I said watch me!  My whole thinking on this was… sure I could go to work and make minimum wage, or I could go learn something truly valuable and make 4X that!  I was told I shouldnt go to BU for Grad School… It was costly and it wasn’t speech therapy. It was learning about teaching Deaf Children.  I was asked so many times if my son was deaf.  They were confused that I had a blind child but wanted to work with deaf children.  It kind of surprised me a bit too but I’d always had a love for American Sign Language. It fascinated me how you could communicate & learn in a world without words.  Funny how with what I do now it’s very similar… communication has always been easier for me without words.  Now it’s just within the mind, then it was with our hands but so much more than just signs. It was whole body language. Now it is that and soul language, language of the heart.


When budget cuts took the job I loved, the kids I loved working with so dearly, and put me on a whole new path, I was told to go find something… anything. That I couldn’t just follow this path (and my heart) and “wing it”, so to speak.  But when we are guided to go in a direction that is meant for us, it’s pretty hard to say no.  We can try but we always find ourselves back because our heart won’t let go.  Even after many years I sometimes let fear in when money was tight and wondered…. but then I heard the guidance that I’m on the right path.  It’s not easy.  Still friends offer ideas of outside work, some say what to do, others just advice.  But I walk in faith.  I say again… watch me!  Because no matter what happens, I know that God and the Angels are taking care of me.  The little mini flood that happened in my healing studio recently really threw me off.  I said to the Angels, “I dont understand… do you want me to do something else?”  But the answer was always the same. “You are on the right path. You are not being directed away.”  I’ve been told there are some big positive changes coming. I will be surprised and delighted. 🙂  I have faith!  As it turns out… the little flood had me putting in a claim with my insurance for the first time in 23 years. This claim not only paid for complete remodeling of many parts of the studio, but had enough left over to help me financially while the work is being done and I am unable to do this work I love so much.  I have been blessed in so many ways.  When I think back, I have always been able to do work I love!  Even when I was told I couldn’t. *grin*

When my oldest son was growing, he couldn’t walk or see. But I was determined that he would experience every aspect of his life in every way possible. He would not be limited.  I could see that it made people uncomfortable at times when they would see him crawling on the ground, going to a puddle to play, or even on the beach crawling to the ocean waves to get splashed in the face. HE LOVED THIS (& Rollercoasters)!!!  I was always there, and he was always safe.  But I allowed him to experience this world in HIS way so he’d form an expanded opinion of his world.  I remember a teacher once trying to teach him fruit using plastic fruit.  I almost fell on the floor. I remember thinking… where is her common sense?  This was when I brought my son to Perkins school for the blind in Watertown.  He was admitted shortly there after. That was the best decision I ever made for him. Even then I got grief because he would be there all week at the age of just 5 and home on weekends.  But I knew he needed the stimulation and to learn how blind people learn.  That is not something I could teach him.  He is now 28 and such an incredible young man. He is such an Angel and loved by everyone who meets him.

There is so much fear within so many hearts that limits their experience in this life.  My daughter… I swear she has no fear!  She is my inspiration. I dont think there is anything she will not try.  To fear I say, THROW FEAR TO THE WIND and be everything you can be! If you have a dream, GO FOR IT!  You are never too old, and it’s never too late.  And if its your child, help them be more than they could ever imagine!


I see many people in my work that are allowing fear to hold them back.  We have many lessons to learn in this life and sometimes all we really need to do is let go, take a leap of faith, and trust that everything will work out.  You are always guided, but are you paying attention to the signs?  Fear produces knife in the gut feelings. Angels wont ever give you that.  Throw that feeling to the wind.  Divine guidance feels right.  It will uplift you and give you hope. Follow those feelings.

You are a beautiful soul and loved beyond what you could ever imagine.  Let your light shine.. and shine BRIGHT! It will make a world of difference in your life.  And here is a little piece of Heaven that was given to me during a meditation when I asked what I needed to protect myself.  I was told, all you will ever need is to carry pure divine white light in your heart and fill your being. This is the light of Heaven. When you do this you are always protected.  If you are absorbing negative energy from those around you, fill yourself with this pure white light and KNOW you are cleared and protected. 🙂

I wish you all a beautiful Spring day!
Angel Blessings to you,


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    • Sally Bowers Posted March 11, 2014 4:32 pm

      I hadnt really thought about it. I wish I could help, sorry.

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