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I challenge you to believe in more…

Hi Everyone,  Happy SPRING!!!! (Finally!)


Intuitive tip of the day:


When using oracle cards (Angel cards), or any cards really… throw out the book that comes with them Or at the very least put it away, and read the cards by what you feel, see, hear, or just know, when you see them.  Dont get to know the cards by the book, get to know them by how they make you feel.  Intuitive guidance comes through by the symbols you know and cards are only a tool to trigger that guidance.  If you get comfortable with the guidance that you recieve in your mind, you wont even need the cards. <3  Not all decks will resonate with you and thats ok.  Find the ones that do.   Tarot is different.  You still need your intuition but the cards have very specific meaning, in addition to using your intuition. That process is learned over time and practice.  And for those who dont understand tarot… it’s not evil. lol  They are just another tool to recieve guidance.  My guidance comes from Angel and Masters, no matter what tool I use. But my preference when I use them are Angel cards. 🙂  Lately… it’s pure channeling. <3


Many people have differing opinions when it comes to card reading, or intuitive guidance because of church related beliefs. And that’s ok!  Everyone on this planet is on a different level of spirituality.  Belief systems bring us to where we need to be and over time they change, and adjust.  It’s all good!  We learn at many levels and hold on to some beliefs while letting go of others that no longer fit in with what we find to be true for ourselves. Im fascinated by all the different religions and what each one says.  The way I look at it… as long as you believe in something, you’re moving in a positive direction.  I can’t imagine not believing in anything. Life certainly would be dull and meaningless for me.  But as it is, I believe in Angels, God, Masters (Jesus is one of them), Elementals (Yes faires!), spirits that live on with us, and the most beautiful miracles <3


Everyone sees the world from their own point of view.  Most comes from what they have lived, experienced, and outside influences that resonate with them.  I am Catholic like many, but I dont see the world quite the same. My experiences come from what I see, hear, and feel from the world I live in.  I look at the bible (Dont shoot me) in a very different way.  I have heard the stories, though they do not stick with me.  Not the ones of punishment and shame anyway.  And because Jesus is within me, and talks to me when I ask, I have told him that I will believe what he shows me.  And he has shown me some beautiful miracles.  He also has shown me that the 3 crosses did stand and all that happened.  I was brought there and I felt it all.  This was not pleasant but was a miracle to me in that I could now hold onto that moment and know it happened.  The Bible is full of stories written by people at the time and their interpretation of the events at that time.  There was much fear back then and there still is within some religions.  Many state that if you do exactly as God says you will go to heaven, and  if you dont you will go to hell.  Umm….. that’s not what I’ve been told by Jesus.  He has shown me unconditional love. And God is the highest of unconditional love.  He does not punish us if we make choices in our life.  We were put here TO MAKE CHOICES. He tries to guide us and help us learn the lessons we chose to learn here… it’s up to us if we want to listen and take the easy route or not to listen and learn more lessons along the way.  Our lives are a series of choices.  We do not get punished for those choices.  But we do learn what works for us and what doesn’t.  If we follow our inner guidance, we become freer.  If we don’t, then we learn from every choice we make (positive and not so positive).


Keep in mind… this is my experience. I can believe nothing but what I’ve learned and experienced from this life and through this life.  You can tell me one thing, but until I know it to be true, its not valid to me. I do the work I do because this is where I was guided and I trust God in every part of my life.  I’ve been asked about God.. and how do I know he’s there? How do I know Angels Exist?  I just do, I always have.  It’s not many 3 years old that sing to the sky.  Proof?  I’ve seen Angels. I’ve seen spirits. I’ve seen Jesus & Mother Mary.  How could I not believe?  They are right in front of me. But this is not true for everyone. Though it could be.  So I give you my experience.  Through these many posts that is all I can give you.  I know there are many out there feeling lost and alone. They see these things too. They know of what I speak. But they dont know others near them that do, so they sit in silence trying desperately to figure out if they are crazy.


Wouldn’t it surprise you to know that many of the homeless that sit on the side of the road or choose to live on the street and talk about God and preach…  are not crazy.  They are just experiencing more of the spirit world than this one.  It is not balanced.  Many who are ADD, ADHD, and Autistic are also experiencing more of the spirit world than this one.  When this happens it’s very difficult to assimilate into both worlds.  And the spirit world is easier.  Its much like when I used to work with Deaf Children… I found that is was easier to express myself with my hands and no words than to speak.  I watch some Autistic children or severely ADHD (as they are labeled) and watch how they seem to see beyond what anyone else can. They have this world which is so real to them but it doesn’t fit into this world we live in so they must be changed. It’s too bad we all couldn’t adapt to knowing there is more here than what we see.


Many children born today and in recent years past are gifted and see so much more beyond this world.  They have “Imaginery friends” that are not imaginery at all.  They are speaking to spirits, angels, family long since passed. They are gifted. My wish for these Indigo Children, Crystal Children, and Rainbow children (and more) are that they are given the encouragement to know they are special, not strange. They will change the world’s perception one day.


Funny how I start this post with something as simple as an intuitive tip for reading cards.  I do this to help those who would like to communicate with their angels. But how it all changed and the information thereafter just flowed.  I know this to be true because the angels gave it to me. But again, this is my experience. I share with those of you who understand.  I have thought about talking about the bible a few times but I haven’t. This is a very touchy issue for many.  Beliefs are so strong that I never want to offend anyone.  I respect each person’s beliefs and their right to have them.  I also expect the same in return.  Will I get this?  From some yes.  But those who hold tight to what they have learned from someone outside themself, they will not hold acceptance. And that too is ok. It is where they are in their life.  This is where I am in mine.


I challenge you to sit in silence, clear your mind of all the “monkey chatter”, and listen to your breath.  I challenge you to sit in silence and listen to the thoughts that come into your mind.. to the conversations you have there. I challenge you to believe in all the positive you hear there. The comfort.  The uplifting guidance.  I challenge you to open your mind to more than what you can see.  I challenge you to believe in yourself. <3


Happy Spring 🙂

Angel Blessings to you all,


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