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Weightloss (or gain) and Lightworkers

Hi Everyone,


I know I started this conversation a while back and I have to say it took me a while to fully grasp the complexities of how much energy work in all forms can affect our bodies and our weight.  Talk about fluctuation!!!  I’ve heard from  many lightworkers that have told me how they have gained a substantial amount of weight doing this work.  I myself have as well.  I’ve been researching and talking to many nutritionists as well as reading everything I can get my hands on about why this happens.


Reading about nutrition alone doesn’t help, nor does exercise alone.  And there are relatively few people understand how energy workers  use fuel and why there is weight gain.  What I have found though is that during energy sessions (not all of them but intense ones) I have left a session and my blood sugar plummets!  Keep in mind I am not diabetic and do not have blood sugar issues.  But I have realized that doing this work, my body does not process sugar in a normal way.  So I set out to figure out a way to combat this problem.  And while I think I have it worked out, it’s still a delicate balance.  Almost every person that I have met or read about that does energy healing work or readings has weight challenges.  If you are one, maybe the info contained in this post will help. But even if you’re not, it will help.


I am in no way a nutritionist or an expert of any kind except by my own trial and error.  But what I’ve found that helps to combat the sugar drop is to eat high amounts of protein BEFORE doing energy work. Plus I eat a few dark sweet cherries with it.  Before and after actually.  I have not had a drop in over a month now.  It’s sooooo nice because that feeling of being famished (like you haven’t eaten in days) after doing a session is not fun.  You tend to eat the house out. ha ha

Also in my research I have discovered many different “diet” programs.  For me, the simpler the better. Im not a counter or logger of what I eat. I do better when I just focus on higher protein and very low carbs.  Low carbs not only stop the cravings that make you “think” you are hungry when youre not, but they help the excess fat to leave your body nicely!  Your body must use the fat stores as fuel as opposed to the carbs you were eating.  But I have to add to this, lowering your carbs also requires your body to move more as well.  They work in conjunction.  One without the other just seems to keep one in a state of balance but no loss.  So it depends what you are looking for.  And when I say movement, it just needs to be more than you ordinarily do.  You do NOT need to join a gym unless you love going to the gym, and you dont have to be a runner (unless you happen to love that).  You just need to move your body more than your ordinary day.  I promise you though… if you are looking for weightloss, after you start moving and feeling better, you will absolutely start wanting to move even more. I know you can’t imagine that but it’s true.  Find what you love and go do it.  If its gardening, do that.  If its walking at dusk, do that. If it’s dancing, enjoy!!  Whatever movement you choose, find one you like doing. Then you are more likely to stick to it.

I love to hike out in the woods.  Not mountains yet but trails that have a nice steady trail… some ups and some downs.  Afterall I do want to build some muscle.  Did you know that muscle is 1/3 the size of fat?  And when you acquire more as you lose fat, you are also increasing your metabolism ALL DAY!!!  Strength training no matter how much or little helps you to maintain your metabolic rate even when you are NOT working out.  Pretty cool huh?  Oh and dont worry about looking like a muscle builder… you’d have to almost give up every carb and sugar and workout 5+ hrs. a day.  Ok so maybe Im exxagerating a little, but seriously, unless thats what you are going for with extreme discipline, you will NOT end up looking like that from trying to tone your muscles.


In my discoveries, I also found out that many who have “Fibromyalgia” really dont!  Or if they do, it can be remedied quite nicely by removing gluten!  I have a good friend who has suffered with Fibromyalgia for years… MANY years, pain every day, stomach issues, you name it.  And as you all know, there is no cure, no specific remedy to help. You just basically need to deal with it.  But my friend decided to remove gluten from her diet and to her amazement, her pain disappeared as well as stomach issues!!  Years of pain gone in a matter of days!  She does say it’s not easy as gluten is in everything, but if you eat healthier.. without the processed foods out there, you can do it.  Go back to the basics.  Meats, fruits, vegetables.  And experiment with gluten free bread type items. Some are pretty darn good!  I myself do not have a problem with gluten (thank you god!) but my diet isn’t all that different.


I know what is written about logging your food and being more successful than people who dont.  But I just can’t do it.  I do not want to think about food all day and how much I can have or measuring.   All I have in my house is what I can eat.  Some fruit (cherries mainly), berries, all kinds of meat (Im so not a vegetarian), cheddar cheese, some veggies.  Im not a big veggie person but Im trying to get better.  I dont eat potatoes, bread, pasta, or rice.  And for those of you with children who think you need to have “snacks” for them… Fruit is a great one!  Pretzels too. Noone needs crackers, cookies, puddings, etc.  Whatever you battle now, your children will also battle in time unless you bring them into healthier eating while you have some sort of control over this.  All food can be made fun, even vegetables.  Teach them about dipping!!!  Raw is better anyway. 🙂


4 Years ago I lost 100 lbs. doing mainly what Im doing now.  Fat does NOT make you fat!! Period!  Candy, carbs, processed food make you fat.  I ate all normal cheddar (lots!), meats, bacon, eggs (with the yolk), veggies, berries, Greek yogurt (plain).  You can add stevia sweetened jellies to it or fruit and stevia.  You dont have to have it plain, I dont.  But I ate all these things and the weight just fell off and it’s doing it again.   I worked out 4 days a week for an hour. THAT’S IT!  Now I’m more into hiking than the gym but when winter hits, I may rejoin just for a few months.  I gained weight due to my stopping when winter hit AND sugar drops when working, and making bad choices once again due to sugar drops.  But this can be controlled!!!  You do not have to gain and keep gaining.  You have the power inside you to stop the drops and take control.  And you do not have to buy diet food (YUCK!).  I never buy fat free anything!  Have you ever noticed that fat free products have more carbs? and sometimes more sugar? And god knows what else.  Yes thats me below… before and after.

It’s not hard to eat healthy. Meat & veggies… HELLO?  Of course it’s not as fast as some processed foods, but you get used to it and plan ahead.  OH and if you like deviled eggs???  Yummmm   It’s one of my favorite snacks!  I never count anything. I never measure anything! Oh and how I love real butter!!  I just  know that what I do put in my body for the most part is real food.  I drink unsweetened almond milk which is fabulous and loaded with calcium!  Milk is LOADED with sugar!  Oh and lets not forget the importance of water!!!  8 glasses a day is good, 10-12 is better. It keeps you hydrated which in itself reduces hunger and flushes out the fat!!  When I was drinking 8 glasses a day I lost slower than when I started drinking 12 – 14 a day.  Easy?  ha ha no but I drink 2 glasses at a time.  I’ve also learned that our kidneys can handle upwards of several gallons of water a day.  I dont think *I* can handle that.. ha ha but it’s good to have learned I can drink a little more and not worry.  One small note:  I know the thoughts are running rampant.. ha ha  From all I’ve read in my research about paleo diets, adkins, keto, etc., eating this way has helped millions with heart issues, lowering cholesterol as well.  That one shocked me too!!  Some have genetic cholesterol issues and it’s helped them too, but when it’s genetic, sometimes you need more help.


Once I stopped the carbs (Im under 20 grams a day most days) the cravings stopped.  It took about 10 days but its so worth it.  Now if I even think of eating something with sugar or carbs I think twice! Do I really want to battle the cravings that will ensue within HOURS after ingesting????  ha ha NO!  That stops me faster than anything.  Below is my lunch and there is only 2 carbs. It’s a mild buffalo sauce as I dont like raging hot.. ha ha  Marie’s Bleu Cheese dressing has no carbs! I almost put this on a salad but I wasn’t in the mood so I ate it as is 🙂  Yummmmm

I do Energy Healing work and Readings daily!  This has saved me from becoming the 100 lb overweight woman I once was.  I was rising rapidly and I worked hard to figure out what works. I hope this will help someone reading the way it has helped me.  You can stop the gain and start losing, no matter how much you have to lose, or what age you are. It doesn’t matter.  Hormones or lack thereof only play a small part.  But sugar and carbs, plus lack of movement play a HUGE part!!!  I repeat, AGE DOES NOT!  I know there are a few of you out  there reading thinking that because you are menapausal or close that you have tried everything and just cant win.  Trust me, you can!!!  I even started to accept that kind of thinking until I got up and started doing what needed to be done.   I may look young (Great genes, Thanks Mom & Dad!!) but Im no spring chicken.  My daughter is 29, you do the math!


If you are looking for support I have a group on Facebook called AngelHotties. Message me and I’ll add you. Everyone is doing what works for them, and we’re cheering each other on to success.  We share great recipes and ideas.  It’s a fun group.  Many in there are energy workers too.


If you have more tips and ideas, I hope you’ll share them.

This is a never-ending learning journey,

Many blessings & Stay cool!!




  • Eric Posted August 1, 2012 8:09 pm

    Hmm, Facinating thoughts Sally. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard someone contemplate the effects of repetitive energy work on the body.I only do it once in a great while at a share or something, but I could imagine doing it constantly, just like anything else, is bound to have some form of long term effects if not balanced properly.
    I totally agree with the “getting out and moving” concept also. When I first got into hiking, I signed up as a volunteer out at wachussett meadow to motivate myself. I actually lost 50 pounds over the course of a year, mostly just by adding one single active hobby into my life! In addition I traded water for soda, and whole grain products for the enriched ones. It really does wonders for your energy.
    It’s wild to see how far you’ve come! Life is a facinating experiment for all of us. Keep up the good vibes!!

    • Sally Bowers Posted August 17, 2012 7:42 pm

      Hi Eric,
      How awesome that you lost 50 lbs.! It’s amazing how much one simple change can affect your life and body. Im still hiking!! Im up to mile 184 of my 300 mile challenge 🙂 Ive lost 23 lbs. too! I have to admit, I wasn’t trying for a while, but at the end of June I got serious and now it’s paying off. I think I have the perfect balance now with my work and nutrition. There are days when the energy flow is more intense and I feel the effects but for the most part it’s all pretty even now.
      Its an amazing ride… I hope you’ll come back and visit. It’s nice to hear your thoughts.

      Have a great day!!!

  • Khyati Posted August 22, 2016 8:09 am

    I am overweight and keep putting weight as my vibrational energies increase day by day.
    Please add me to the Facebook to get more motivation

    Thank you

    Best wishes

    • Sally Bowers Posted September 20, 2016 4:41 pm


      You can find me on Facebook at Sally Donohoe Bowers. My page is also there at Blue Butterfly Of Hope. I cant personally add you, but I can accept your request. You can follow either as well. 🙂

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