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Answers to long awaited questions…

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!


I’ve thought long and hard about writing this post but I’ve documented almost all other “magical” happenings on here for you to contemplate, why not this one?  Perhaps because it’s one of the biggest to date, yet the most simple.  It’s the culmination of all my wonderings, visions, and channelings over the past few years. But I guess most of all it’s the answer to what I have felt all of my life.


When I was a little girl, about 4 or 5, I remember sitting on my front lawn out in busy Woburn, Mass.  I would sing to the sky.  Nothing else existed in my little world in these moments. I just felt a connection that was always with me.  Nothing I could explain at that age of course. I just knew there was “something” out there and it spoke to my heart.  I remember there was this time when I was walking down in a very busy intersection near Lexington street with my brother Jimmy.  Im not sure if he wasn’t paying attention that I wasn’t behind him or just moving quickly. But he ran across the street and I hadn’t.  When I realized that he was all the way across (it was an odd 4 or 5 way intersection) I ran across.  Right in front of a quickly moving car.  It startled me and I stopped right in the middle of the street, hearing screeching brakes, and for whatever reason I put up my hand as if to stop this car from hitting me. (Little did I know that I would be mincemeat in a few seconds).  Only the most miraculous thing happened.  The car stopped right at my hand. I can still remember my hand touching the car.  My brother freaked!  He ran to come get me, and then cops ensued. Not sure why really, I was fine.  I guess they needed to be sure.  That poor driver though… she must have been so shaken.   Im not exactly sure why I lived that day when considering the traffic of that area and how fast it moves, but apparently it wasn’t my time. (Yay!)

It wasnt long after that we moved from Woburn out to the country where I am now.  My home is only a short distance from where I grew up here.  My father built a very large A-Frame and we lived on a pond. It was heaven! I’ve always said that being here was as close to heaven as anyone could get. It’s a simple pond but it’s the energy… the feeling I get from being near.  I would go out to the edge of the water and see summer homes here and there around the pond and as fall approached it was so quiet.  I would sing over the water up to the sky.  I was oblivious to the world around me.  My parents must have thought I was a strange child. ha ha  I often feel that back then when going through my parents divorce and other negative happenings that the music inside of me is what saved me.  I had no idea I was empathic so my world was very intense, but singing released that tension.


I remember writing so many poems that were deep and sometimes dark.  I felt everything in my world and could not shut it off. It was like I didn’t belong here in this place.  My father used to say, “Sally you think too much”.  If he only knew.  We were catholic and we did the church thing and CCD thing but I absorbed nothing. We didn’t even talk about god in our home. Not sure why. But I always knew.  And it wasnt like everyone spoke of.  So even to this day I didn’t know what to feel about the ancient stories in religious books. I decided I would believve what I was shown or told by Jesus  himself.  In my last post I mentioned (With permission) what happened when I was shown the 3 crosses and then traveled back in time and was there.  THAT I no longer wonder about. My connection to that time and all Ive been told about my connection being from Mother Mary, all the gazillions pieces of the puzzle that have haunted me for so long, all that I am still trying to wrap my brain around.  I was so close but still not understanding.  “You are of Jesus” they’d tell me. BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????


So many Masters and Archangels telling me this and that when I was ready I would understand.  Telling me that I needed to finish what they started.  That I was going to fight in the battle to help humanity!  Say what?????  So much information. So many visions. Such confusion.  Until one day after explaining that incredible healing session with the 3 crosses (only days before) to one of my students, she said to me, “Sally, why dont you just ask Mother Mary?”  “Ask her why you feel so strongly about Mary Magdelaine, Why you are so strongly connected to Jesus?  And I sat there thinking.. Why didn’t I ever think of that?  ha ha  But even so, I had hesitation.  I guess maybe I was afraid to know.  But the following night I sat in my room not trying to have a discussion with her but to pray to her and let her know I needed to talk to her.  I guess she had been waiting for me to ask because she appeared in what felt like an instant.  I wasnt prepared for it but she was there so I told her what I had been feeling and asked, “Dear Divine Mother, I need to know what my connection to Jesus, Mary Magdelaine, and you are? It’s so very strong and Im told things that I cant piece together. I want to understand.”.

In the moments that followed she showed me Jesus and then Mary Magdelaine and they were standing very close, almost arm in arm.  Then in the next moment a baby materialized in their arms.  In a heartbeat I understood what she was saying. But in my own disbelief I couldn’t accept it. She told me, “You are this child. You have the gift of Jesus, use it wisely. Feel with your heart before you proceed with your head.”  Oh how I cried.  I said, “no…. no  this can’t be me. Out of the billions of people on this planet, this can’t be me. ”  I opened my eyes and texted my friend Carmen. I needed to “touch” reality (Or so I thought).  And I told her something incredible just happened and I needed to talk to her.  She couldn’t talk right then but she texted me back (Before I could tell her what happened) saying that Mother Mary just told her that I need to feel with my heart before my head.  I almost fell on the floor!!!  Thats when I told her that those were her very last words to me just minutes before. At this point I explained what happened.   I knew right then that this was Mother Mary’s way of telling me that I heard her correctly and that it was real.


It took me days to fully absorb what I had been told, but once I did I was finally at peace.  I could understand all the connections.  And so many parts of this puzzle were now coming together.  I could understand FINALLY why Im being told of something big, a battle of hearts and minds, standing my ground, in my belief.  We are in the midst of so many world changes and there is so much yet to come, but it’s all beautiful.


Does it matter who we were in past lives?  ABSOLUTELY!  This knowledge leads to healing, understanding, and a knowing of who we are and where we are going. It affects so many parts of our lives and why we do the things we do, why we see ourselves the way we do, why we make the decisions we do.  But it also affects those around us.  We are part of the whole big picture puzzle. Every little piece counts and should be acknowledged.  Every little piece affects the next.  To discount another discounts ourselves.  We are all one.  No better or worse than another. We all have something to contribute to this puzzle and it’s something that is unique.  If you think of a kitchen in a restaurant, each person has a talent and any one person couldn’t run the kitchen, one player is no more important than another, but working together the job gets done.  We are the same.


Funny…. when I started writing this post I had a different feel but as I write and listen to what Im guided to write or not write, it’s taking on a whole different meaning. A life of it’s own sort of.  I can only smile.  It’s message is individual to you.  Whereever you are on your journey, take from it was resonates with you and leave the rest. For me, It’s a message from inside that I was finally able to write about.  So many things make sense now.  I strongly encourage you who have thought about visions and past lives to explore and find out who you have been and how you can heal your being in this lifetime to move even further ahead.  And no matter what your family or friends believe, it is YOUR truth. And that is all that truly matters.  Many will support your journey and many wont.  And that is ok.  Everyone is at different stages of their own journey and may not be at a point of where they understand. Other will understand right away.

I say this because when I first put this all out there, I thought my inlaws from my first marriage would think I was nuts!  But surprisingly they didnt!  They understood.  They jumped right in, came for healing (still do), and they support me in such an incredible way.  People will surprise you.  The ones you think would be happy and accepting might not.  It’s ok.  And it doesn’t matter if you do this work or not. Just be who you are and shine regardless!


It’s a beautiful life we have been given,

Angel blessings to you all with all my heart!





  • Kimberly Vassallo Posted July 5, 2012 2:08 am

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Sally Bowers Posted July 17, 2012 5:12 pm

      You’re very welcome Kimberely 🙂 Have a great day!!!

  • Sally Bowers Posted May 8, 2013 7:42 pm

    In what way are you looking?

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