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A Miracle was witnessed today…

Hi Everyone,


This will be a short post.  When reading you will understand why.  Words cannot describe what I feel at this moment but I felt the need to share this experience because of the depth of meaning it holds.

Today was the most miraculous healing session. It’s the only way I can describe it.  My friend Heidi was there along with our friend Kris.  The three of us were in tears during the moments that followed. I was working on Kris.  I was brought back to biblical time and was told that Kris was connected to me and kept hearing Mother Mary and Mary Magdelaine.

While working on Kris her arms moved on their own.  At one point her arms were stretched out and she was in tears. She said it felt like her arms were being pulled.  Then I was shown the three crosses.  I was watching the events of 3 men being nailed to those crosses.  I never knew what I believed about that story in the bible.  I decided I would let Jesus tell me what he wanted me to know.  He showed me these crosses.  I was there watching this happen and Kris was either one of those on one of the crosses (what I felt) or she witnessed the events as I was.  Heidi looked up and saw a halo over my head and then she lost it.  The immense emotion coming through from being in the presence of such incredible events of our past was almost overwhelming at times.

When I reached the final part of the session, I felt the full emotion of those events I was seeing and this woman on my table with outstretched arms in tears from the emotion of this moment she was enveloped in. At this point “I” was no longer in the room and my heart leapt out of my chest for what was happening.  I broke down and sobbed so deeply at this point.  It was so difficult to comprehend what I was seeing.  I watched as these men gave their lives for a love so much bigger than themselves.  When Kris’s arms moved up above her head, like would be in praise, I knew God was in our presence.  At this point tears could not be stopped.  All I wanted to say to this woman on my table was that I was sorry.  And it wasn’t for her… but for the person she represented on that cross.
The three of us were given a gift today <3


  • Elisha Rhinhart Posted June 19, 2012 3:20 am

    This account has special meaning for me. Last week-end my husband’s best friend died suddenly. The circumstances were not good and we have been left with a lot of pain and questions. But at the funeral the thief on the cross was spoken about to show how merciful God is. Then the next day 3 random people who did not know the situation also mentioned the thief on the cross to me. You posted the picture of the 3 crosses. And through your account I felt great peace and comfort knowing what was done so that we may rest in the peace that even the thief on the cross is in heaven. It is not my place to judge who goes to heaven or hell but I can honestly say that through this experience I have learned just how merciful God is and just how much pain he went through for us- the thiefs on the cross. Thanks for posting. <3

    • Sally Bowers Posted July 17, 2012 5:20 pm

      *hugs Elisha* Sorry for the delay.. many of the posts were sent to spam.. not sure why. Im glad my post resonated with you and you found in it what you needed. 🙂 FOr a while the experiences slowed and I didn’t have alot to post but they are revving up again.. he he Thanks for reading!!

      Have a great day!!!

  • Erik Carlson Posted June 23, 2012 11:49 am

    Hi Sally,
    In the last few years, I’ve had Jesus walk into several healing events. This seems to be happening more and more with us healers as the veil gets thinner.

    I’m also a Lightarian master, Usui Master, IET master, and a shambala master (Although I’m not that impressed with shambala). I’m also teacher of several styles of Qigong and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. As a licensed massage therapist I also incorporate Acutonics sound therapy into my massage work.
    Enjoy the day and may the miracles continue for you and your clients.

    • Sally Bowers Posted July 17, 2012 5:15 pm

      Thank you Erik 🙂 It’s nice to meet you. I too didn’t completely resonate with Shamballa at first, but I now know why it was brought to me. 🙂 It was my stepping stone to Lightarian. That has made all the difference. Sessions are incredible and I never know whats going to happen or who will come through, but I welcome it. I think Im slowly meeting my soul family in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s an amazing journey. Thank you for writing and saying hello.

      Have a great day and Blessings to you!!

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