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The Miracles of Abundance and Faith

My first thought… Dear God Thank you!

Hi Everyone,

I find I write when extraordinary things happen so that I can share the miracles of life with you. I have a hard time wrapping my own mind around some of these things, but in the end, it’s the only true reality. We are always taken care of. We need only believe it. And yes, when things come down to the wire it’s very tough to walk in faith that we are ok. But if we do, we then see the miracles at place behind the scenes that have always been and always will be.

Sometimes we get stuck in our own train of thought of worry, despair, and panic. When money gets tight, it’s our own thoughts of what we are lacking that bring about the same strength in energy to bring about exactly what we DONT want. So if you want something, put your energy there. On what you want! If you focus on what is happening and in the possibility of what could happen (losing business, losing clients, losing your source of income) then guess where your fearful energy is going? Right toward those things. Those are NOT the things you want. What is it you DO want in your life? Put your energy there! It’s not so easy is it?

Focusing on what isn’t tangible as of yet is not the easiest thing in the world to do but I guarantee if you try it you will see miracles come about in your life like nothing you’ve ever seen. Then when they do, THANK THE UNIVERSE!!!! Because God, The Angels, the Archangels, the Masters all are working hard to create the kind of life you want. But you need to sincerely believe this. It’s not easy. I wont ever say it is. I still struggle with it when time is of the essence. But when push come to shove, It comes right down to your faith in yourself, in your life, in what you truly want for yourself and your family, and in the Universe to provide it for you. We were not meant to come here and suffer. We have lessons to learn, and if we do, we move forward and our faith in everything grows. It doesn’t matter what higher power you believe in.. God, Buddha, Allah, Goddess… Just believe in it with all your heart and you will be taken care of.

I had the most miraculous happening this morning that I wanted to shout out to the world. Many of us trying to be of service and really just wanting to this for our lifes work struggle at times. We fear we’ll have to go find a “normal” job to supplement. And while that is what “normal” people do, it doesn’t fit with what we do. We wonder how we can be of service working at walmart, or a bank. But we are called to bring our light, our healing energy, to places that we may not understand. For myself.. I’ve been having a battle of the mind over this. The other day, I decided to walk in faith no matter what. I asked to be clearly guided, so that I would know without a doubt if my path was taking a different kind of direction that I may not understand.

Even though I may not understand why life is the way it is at the moment, I had to trust that it is all for a reason. I believe that part of this has been a lesson in faith for me. I have faith in everything and everyone outside of myself. However, when it comes to my personal life, I struggle. Why am I so different? I’m NOT! But it took me a while to figure this out. It’s a big reason many intuitives have a really hard time reading themselves. We have to ask our friends. But what I’m finding in learning to open even further (thank you Danielle) is that we have to trust ourselves more than anything. We have to trust our guidance.

This morning I had a mild panic attack (and I dont get panic attacks) thinking of a few things that I had underestimated. What it takes to get by. I thought.. OMG I just turned down 4 positions to work outside of “myself” and I think I messed up. Then I asked Archangel Michael to clear me and fill me with peace and love. I needed to feel peace and 100% faith. I had a moment of weakness in a decision I had made. But after this.. I decided that I was going to manifest the life I want. I was going to walk in faith regardless of how things looked. Because how could I not? I have so many friends I’ve made in my work, so many that came as total strangers from all over the world. So many that have been blessed by the Angels in guidance and in healing. How could I limit myself by doing something else because I got scared? How could I tell them that when they need help that I cant be there because I chose to look outside of myself, in fear?

I couldn’t. So in those moments of fear, clarity came. The full moon’s energy coming hasn’t helped with the emotional aspect of this, but last night as I looked at the moon, I gave away all that no longer serves me. All fears and any doubts. I knew it wasn’t full till tonight but it didn’t matter. This morning was this energy making me really sure I meant what I said because things were going to change. 🙂

This morning I started sending loving, healing, abundant, prosperous beautiful energy to Blue Butterfly of Hope, to my life, to my heart, to my friends and family, to the beautiful Spa Days that have been created out of love, to the All About You Spa where I will be able to reach even more beautiful souls, to the universe and God. I couldn’t even tell you right now what happened in those moments of healing manifestation but I remember my hands were moving in ways I’ve never seen or felt. Energy was flowing. I could see everyone I loved, I could see my clients, I could see the trails I hike, and this beautiful energy was flowing all around each and every thought, person, business, & place. When I was done, I felt the angels lift from me and I thanked them for all the healing that was done, all the abundance they send to each and every one of us, and for feeling so at peace.

I decided to get online and pay bills. I wanted to pay my bills for the next 2 months, even if it meant emptying my account. I had to know everything was covered because I didn’t want to put another thought in that direction! In doing this, I wanted to pay just the minimum on my credit card. The balance was only $306 and I sooooo dont like having a balance, but I decided for now, I would pay the minimum and the balance would be paid off later. There were more important things at the moment. I could not get to their website to get the min. amt. due. This has never happened, but ok. So I called the number on the card. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get an automated system that takes forever to get the info you want. (I know you all know what Im talking about). But instead I got a man on the other end of the phone. I was like.. well ok, but I only need to know what the min. payment is, no biggie. He asked what I needed and I told him. He gave me my balance and the minimum amount due. Then he asked me if I was aware of the rewards dollars. I said, no. He said, well you have $673.92 in there. So I asked, what can I do with it? (I had no idea). He told me that I earn 1% back on all purchases and I’ve been accruing this for years. Seeing I had never used them he figured I had no idea what was in there. (Very true!) He said, I can send you a check or you can pay off your balance, or whatever you would like. I was like.. are you kidding me???? He laughed and said, no. 🙂 So I said, ok, lets pay off my balance and you can send the rest to me in a check. He replied with, you got it! I sat there giddy!!! So here I was, getting the balance of my credit card paid off, AND getting a check in the mail for almost $400 back!!

Talk about manifesting abundance!!! This was a miracle! I always go online to get the info I need but that didn’t happen. So then I call and ALWAYS get an automated system, but that didn’t happen. So I get a man on the line. A real living person! That never happens unless you go through the whole process of the automated system which half the time disconnects you, and then you wait even longer. If I hadn’t talked to this man in person this whole series of events wouldn’t have occurred! I know you can see the synchronicity of events here that led to this miracle. I am in awe of how the universe works. But my point here is that IT DOES!!!!! You just have to believe and let go of all your fears. You will always be taken care of. Take the time to learn the lessons in any given situtation, find the positive side, and have faith. <3

Any questions? *big smile*

I wish you all an incredibly blessed Easter,

And may all your dreams come true!

Lots of love and hugs,



  • Barbara Godfrey Posted April 6, 2012 11:41 pm

    Wow that is tremendous. I have had such things happen in the past. I just can’t get myself up now. I wish I lived near you to have this pain removed. But what a beautiful manifestation and thank you for sharing.

    • Sally Bowers Posted April 21, 2012 10:00 pm

      Barbara I do sessions for people all over the world. 🙂 You dont have to be here to recieve energy healing work. Energy goes where I set my intention. 🙂 Im happy you enjoyed my post!! Be well and enjoy this incredible day 🙂


  • this website Posted July 1, 2012 4:56 pm

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    • Sally Bowers Posted July 17, 2012 5:12 pm

      Thank you, Im glad you enjoyed it! Have a great day!!!

  • Catherine Meyers Posted April 16, 2014 2:31 pm

    I am an artist and a Tarot card reader and so yes I am one of those intuitive folks. My blog post this morning was about the Ace of Cups a card of abundance and faith. I googled those words and came across your blog. Very inspiring and just what I was seeking! Thank you for your words of wisdom!!! Wonderful we are not alone in our human frailty. We are more a like then different!

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