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Hi Everyone,
How are you enjoying this gorgeous Fall weather? It started out more like summer but the crisp cool air and brilliant colors have moved in and reminded us of what Fall truly feels like. 🙂 I see the colors on the trees and was so happy not to have missed it when I was away last week. So much has happened and I will try to summarize here.

First, I went to Florida and participated in the Kryon retreat/conference. It was divinely guided and the angels paved the way completely. All was taken care of. It was a truly special weekend with such loving energy, and beautiful souls that I know will be with me for a lifetime (and maybe more). In my previous post I explained how this all came about so I wont repeat here. But I am so very grateful for having been able to attend and meet the people I did, and share in the experience. There was such immense healing for everyone who attended, it was beautiful to be a part of.


There was one point where I stared up at the ceiling and saw hundreds of orbs!! I was in awe of how they just appeared when Kryon came through. I thanked them for allowing me to see them and then the number doubled!! There were what felt like thousands! I have never been so humbled and grateful. It was a beautiful site. I know my friend Carmen sitting next to me had no idea what I was looking at, but she just let me watch. I explained later. There was a point where we all went up on stage in 10’s. Everyone in the audience sent healing to those on stage. What an amazing feeling to recieve that kind of energy!! At one point I felt my head lifting and I looked up to the ceiling see more orbs… I just smiled. Those in the audience must have thought I was off my rocker.. ha ha But I didn’t care. It was an amazing site. Shortly after this I felt this incredible energy at the top of my head. It was so strong, I just sat there taking it all in. I so didn’t want to leave the stage as I was NOT done. But it was time. What an experience!! The friends we met while there were like meeting long lost family. Like we’d know each other forever! As Kryon says… we are family! I have to agree. 🙂

I must make a side note here to all my female metaphysical friends… if you are ever going through airport security, do NOT have crystals in your bra!!! he he I had the funniest conversation with the woman “pat down” officer in the little scanning room. She even asked what the green crystal was! Too funny! I laughed all the way IN and OUT of that room.

It was a truly amazing weekend, but it had to end and so we all said our goodbyes and found our way home. I arrived home where my daughter and her boyfriend had spent the weekend. She said she wanted to do some hiking so she was staying at the house. I gave her a little hard time saying, “Oh sure, you come visit when Im NOT home”, he he. But when I got home she came out to greet me and told me to close my eyes. I was like, ummm ok. She guided me into the downstairs of my home through that door. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful painted sign that said, “Blue Butterfly Of Hope” on the entryway wall in front of me. It also had a pretty little blue butterfly above it. (See pics) Oh how I cried!!! This was so thoughtful and I was so incredibly grateful. I thought this was it… then I turned the corner to see the main room. Waterworks ensued even further!!! My daughter Amanda and future son in law Pat had completely decorated and furnished the downstairs to create “Blue Butterfly of Hope”.


I had a healing room down here but the rest of the downstairs was vacant.. no furniture, nothing. This room now had 2 large chairs, coffee table, decor, special lighting, candles, plants, angels, you name it! It was now a sitting room!!! Then as I was looking around I noticed one of the other rooms. It took me a minute but then It dawned on me that it wasn’t blue anymore. It was this beautiful mauvy color and it was transformed into a reading room!! All the shelves had my books and crystals beautifully set upon. The area that had once been a computer area was also a reading area, where she placed my angel cards, candles, and beautiful salt rock lighting. Around the corner where the stairs lead upstairs… this part completely finished! I had bare wood stairs that had never been finished, walls sheetrocked but never plastered or painted. They stained the stairs, painted the walls, put up pictures and truly made it look beautiful! The entire downstairs was now open for all I do with Blue Butterfly of Hope. My clients can come into my home from that door and feel completely at home, sit and rest if they need to wait for their appointment, and just take in the energy. Amanda and Pat covered it all! There was beautiful music playing, great lighting, candles that smelled divine. Click on the link above to see all they accomplished in just one long weekend (The pics are much larger too). It’s a blessing that will live in my heart always! Thank you Amanda & Pat (((great big hugs)))









This gift has already led to an upcoming Holiday Healing Spa Day which will include Readings, Healings, Aura Paintings, food, and even a little Christmas Shopping. I’ll be sending out details in a few days and posting on Facebook as well. If you want info. via email, please send me your email and I’ll send it to you asap. It’s going to be a truly blessed day <3

With all that has happened, and all the new friends I’ve met, it really hit me deeply how much I truly care for my not only my family and friends, but also my extended family and all the beautiful souls they are. I’ve met so many since this all started. There is so much to be said when you can connect with someone and they see who you truly are and hear your heart when it speaks. And you see them, and hear them on a level that is rare. I’m finding that many I thought would be part of my life forever wont be. It saddens me, but I have to be who I am, feel what I feel, and learn what I need to learn. There are many experiences that I’ve shared and hoped would be understood, as they hit me emotionally very hard. But not everyone can open themselves up to that kind of pain for another. And it’s ok. I will always understand. For myself, I have to be able to open myself up to a friends pain and be there no matter what. I may feel it on an empathic level that you may or may not understand, but that’s ok. I know it’s not mine. But I will do whatever I can to help them through their struggle. I will not judge them for what they cannot handle in a given moment because I know that in time, they will grow stronger. I have lived this, and I believe with my whole heart that only through this kind of pain can one help another. To those select few (and you know who you are) that have felt my pain… thank you for being there! For always being there! I have grown and learned so much. And what I have felt and learned in this process has helped so many in their healing sessions. I honestly believe I had to live what I have in order to help them live through their own pain. Living is the whole point. Not giving up on yourself. Not hiding from the world. Living…..

I know this may sound cliche’ but I hope you are smelling the roses, and walking the road less traveled. If you’re not. Come see me! 🙂 I will take your hand and show you the way <3


Have a beautiful night,
Love always,


  • Tammy Leclerc Posted October 18, 2011 11:32 am

    What a great story to read first thing in the morning.And I will be seeing this space in person on Wednesday. Can’t wait. 🙂 Have a fabulous day!

    • Sally Bowers Posted October 19, 2011 8:05 pm

      And yes you did.. today!!! It was so great to meet you and I look forward to meeting your daughter if all works out. You have a special family and so much love!! Enjoy this beautiful Fall weather (even the rain) and we will talk soon 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your new home! 🙂 (How’s that for positive thinking?) he he

      Sally 🙂

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