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Faith brings Miracles….

Hi Everyone,

I am writing today because of some incredible happenings recently.  I recently had a reading.  And yes I still do receive readings for myself now and then.  It’s difficult for us to read ourselves sometimes, especially if there is emotion involved. My case wasn’t of this though.  I had read about a world known mystic that was talked about in several books, so I decided to contact her.  She is able to tell of past lives, how they connect to our life now, and the direction that would be in our highest good.  Her name is Atira.

I waited about 8 weeks for my reading which was pretty good considering her popularity.  She is a beautiful soul and very funny on the phone.  We talked for almost an hour and I have to say she did 90% of the talking.  She had no idea who I was until she started channeling information about me.

She was brought to the Oracle of Delphi first.  She wondered why she was there.  She was faced with many Goddesses and proceeded to ask, “Why am I here?”  To which they replied, “Because she has been here”.  At this point Atira realized this wasn’t going to be an ordinary reading.   She was then brought to the Isis Temple.  Now realizing I am a healer.

Next was the most incredible experience.  Atira was brought to biblical times. She was standing before Jesus and Mother Mary.   She saw me with 2 halo’s. The halos were blue.  She knew the significance of this as this color to her has always meant royalty.  She began to cry and said.. “Sally, I am so honored to be doing this reading for you”.   I nearly fell on the floor!!  (who me?  Huh?)

She knew I was connected by blood and so she asked Spirit to whom was I connected and was told through Mother Mary.  In this she saw that I studied with Jesus in the lost years. And was cousin to Joshua.  I began to cry as it confirmed my connection to Jesus and why it’s been so strong.   When he began coming into my healing sessions I would know right away it was going to be a very deep healing.

Atira went on to tell me that I needed to focus on myself right now.  To go within and grow;  to allow all that I am to come and be a part of me.  She told me that if I could focus on me for just 6 months, I’d be in a whole different place that I can’t even imagine.  She said I could be working along side her.  (I chuckled at this)  She told me that I didn’t need her reading.  And Proceeded to tell me that I had no idea what I am capable of and that I would do some incredible work.   She said that I am a reader, but that my healing work was going to dominate.   She continued to say that I would go on to do some miraculous work.  But that I had to focus and not let life distract me.

I sat totally humbled by this experience.  But it helped put so many puzzle pieces together.  So many visions.  So many channelings.  I remember once when Sananda (aka: Jesus) channeled through me one morning.  He told me that I would finish what they started.  I have never known what that meant, but this reading helped me a little more.  And just the other day I was told by Spirit, “you have a golden heart and you hold trinity.”  Im still working on this one. Ha ha  I may hear them, but I don’t always understand the message right away.

Soooo in trying to figure out how to open up to all that I am (if you can figure that one out, please let me know) I have been drawn to a special retreat in Florida.  I had seen the presenter when he was here in Mass, so I knew the energy and it was freaking amazing!  If you ever get a chance.. check out Lee Carrol channeling Kryon. Kryon is the beautiful being above that is with us when we incarnate into this world , and when we leave it to go home.  He is a very special energy and when you are in his presence you are filled with so much love.  There is nothing like it except maybe Jesus.

When I read about this retreat I knew this is where I needed to be.  I knew I could grow and open up in a way that would help me in the ways that I needed.  The cost of the retreat isn’t bad.. only $333.  (Great numbers!), but then there is airfare, hotel (which is discounted), and food while there.  I was looking at about $1000 just to go.  At this point in time I just wasn’t able to afford this.  But every fiber of my being wanted me there.

I’ve always been told that if there is something you need and it’s in your highest good, then put it out to the universe and then let it go.   So I talked to God one night and explained about this retreat.  And how I felt I was supposed to be there. I couldn’t explain it.. I just knew.  I told God that I wasn’t going to touch my bank account because I have a son at home and I needed that money to care for him.  So I said, “Dear God, if this retreat is where I should be.  If this is as important as I feel it is, please provide me the means to pay for it.  I will work my tail off, just bring those to me who need your healing.  (I don’t expect it on a silver spoon).  If this is where I am meant to be, please help me make it happen.”   And with that I gave it up to God and the universe, and let it go.

I had gotten a newsletter from Lee and again was drawn to this conference-retreat.  I decided to reply to this newsletter, knowing they would probably never see my email.  But  I wanted them to know I would be there if I could.  I explained my situation and said that if they are ever up in New England for a retreat, I would be there, but barring a miracle, I could not make it to Florida.    I let them know I would be with them in spirit and then ended my letter.  I sent it off and let it go.

A week later I received a letter from one of the presenters that I had met while they were in Mass.  She proceeded to tell me that she wanted to help me with my miracle.  She had gotten together with the other 2 presenters and they are giving me a scholarship to this retreat!  I received this email after having worked at a Goddess fair that night, doing non stop readings for 3 ½ hours, 21 beautiful souls, and was totally wired.  I sat in shock.  Oh how I cried!!!  With this I knew that I was meant to be there.  I knew that every fiber of my being was right in how it felt!  God was paving the way.

I still have airfare and hotel to cover, but the universe is helping me with that too.  I’m terrified to fly alone. I’ve never done it and probably never will.  So this posed an interesting dilemma too.  HOW DO I GET ON THAT PLANE?????

When I first got the information about the retreat, I had a friend that knew had to be there.  I had only met her a few weeks earlier when she came for a healing session. But our connection is on a soul level and goes back many lives.  We have become fast friends and as much as I had to be at this retreat, I knew she had to be there too.  I sent her the info.  Guess whose sitting next to me on the plane?????  He he    I love you God!!!

We get to split the cost of the room so that saves half on the already discounted rate, which the hotel is no longer holding.. but the presenters have my room under their account, so we get the lower rate. PLUS they are going to provide transportation to and from the airport saving an additional $160.  Airfare is the only issue.  I’m still working on that one.  And the closer it gets (only 2 ½ weeks away, Oct. 6) the more rates rise.   If they rise too high, it would halt all of this.  But I know at this point God is working out all the details.

I have been clearing out things in my attic, as many of you know.  I’ve given a lot to a homeless family that lost everything.  The things I had listed for a ridiculously low price just sat with no response.  Do I give away TV w/built in DVD player? Do I give away a brand new projection screen?  So I just waited… but a few days ago all of a sudden, I started getting emails for what I posted.  And I have new clients calling me for healing sessions and readings.  My friend Carmen that is coming with me has been a huge support in this area as well.  She loved her healing session and has told everyone she knows.  (Thank you Carmen!)        It’s all coming together.

What I had truly let go of is now possible.  It’s happening!  If you think of the retreat alone…  it wasn’t an organization that said let’s bring this woman here.  It was the presenters themselves!!!  They gave me a miracle.  And the miracles keep coming!  I know my reason for being at this particular event is connected to all that I need to remember, and all that I need to allow in.  And I’m ready!

Thank you all for your wonderful support and thank you God for ALWAYS being there!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  It’s GORGEOUS!!!

Many Blessings,


  • Karen L. McKee Posted October 6, 2011 6:33 pm

    I just ran into your fb page and sometihng attrackted my attention to read this and I tihnk is truly amazing you are blessed with so many gifts and yet you still have more coming it seems. May God keeps blessing you always. So happy for you!
    Blessings and good wishes

    • Sally Bowers Posted October 19, 2011 8:02 pm

      Thank you Karen, it’s been quite the ride. But such a blessing. Im glad you visited my page and blog. Most of what I post is happenings that just show how incredible this journey truly is. I wish everyone such happiness and miracles!!

      Love and Light to you!

  • Hugh Posted March 4, 2012 7:39 pm

    Hi Sally,

    I ended up on your site through an image search after seeing the Moon Goddess image.

    Your story and experience is beautiful and inspiring.

    In The One Light,

    • Sally Bowers Posted April 6, 2012 8:30 pm

      Thank you Hugh! I enjoy sharing these experiences so others going through the same enlightenment wont feel so alone. Thank you for visiting, it means so much!

      Angel Blessings,

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