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Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted, but I haven’t forgotten all of you. In fact,  I’ve been watching and feeling as so many of you are struggling with the energetic changes happening.  And now with Mercury Retrograde (MR) afoot, many of you have already started dreading this incredible time instead of viewing it’s potential.

Communication, well, as long as you remember communication gets interrupted in many different ways, then you can expect the unexpected and not let it get to you.  And Yes, MR messes with electronics, but if you back your things up and remember to unplug devices not in use, you’ll be fine.

However, again what many forget is that MR can help you let go of things that are long overdue in needing to leave your life including energies that are holding you back from everything you can and will be.

Morover, MR tends to give a little nudge if you are avoiding whats right in front of you.  But the good news is that once dealt with things, you can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When you stuggle with letting go, or even have a strangle hold on something that is just not meant to be, it stops all other doors from opening for you.  I know you may say, “well open those doors and then I’ll let go”.  But that’s just not how it works.  The doors worth being open hold value.  And you can only see that value when you truly release the old and worn out, to allow the new and refreshing to enter your life.  We ALL struggle with this.  You are not alone.  What I’ve found that helps when you are in the middle of the forest and you can’t see your way out?  Ask an angel to help you.  You’ll be surprised at the signs you get for guidance.  And they do nudge and guide you (Its those little urges you get to try something new or go somewhere).  But they can’t step in and help unless you ask.  We were given free will.  As much as it is a blessing…  it also holds us back sometimes.  You know when you hear, “You are your own worst enemy”?  It’s something like that.

When something in this lifetime is meant to be in your life,  it will be.  Even if you dont want it.  Ha!  If only to help you learn a valuable lesson that will help you grow into all you can be.  We can fight it, but eventually after repeating the same scenario over and over again enough, we learn and move forward.  Mercury Retrograde helps us to let go of those people and situations that no longer serve us.  And sometimes all we need to do is let go in order for the lesson to be learned, for us to gain strength in who we are, and to find out own value.  And when that happens.,miraculously that situation comes about again but in a much healthier light and can then work, where before it couldn’t.

There are also times when those situations just need to be let go because they cannot help us grow.  When we let go we find so many doors that open and we find what truly will help us in our lives.  Maybe it’s a new job, a new home, or  a romantic partner.  Whatever it may be,  trying to hold onto someone or something that is no longer working in your life will be like fighting against the tide.  I’ve gone over this in some of my recent readings with clients because many are struggling with changes going on in their lives.  Many don’t know how to let go and it can be as simple as just allowing.  Sometimes it takes a little more inner healing.  But whatever is needed you can do it.  I have faith in you. <3

We all have intuition, our gut feelings.  And you know there are times when you know what you should do in a situation but instead you follow your head or logic,  instead of what you feel in your gut.  Then it goes all wonky on you and you think back… “why didn’t I follow my gut?  I knew this would happen!”  You can always tell whether something or someone is good for you or not.  Just ask yourself and listen to how your body feels.  Do you get a knot in your stomach? a twinge?  or do you feel totally elated? and free?   Do you have an odd feeling that something just isn’t quite right or does everything feel like it’s an answer to a prayer?  Do they fill you with energy just by being around them? Or do they suck the life out of you? Makes you think doesn’t it?  Try it the next time you have a decision to make or you meet someone new. You’ll surprise yourself.

As with anything in life, how you view your world is how it will be.  Just because we are in Mercury Retrograde doesn’t mean you have to dread the next few weeks waiting for it to end. If you do that it truly will be dreadful for you.  But if you can view the positives and see what kind of “clutter” you need to clear from your life and your mind and then work on that, the universe will so help you accomplish it!  Then just watch the new doors that open for you as a result.  Which path do you choose?  Our thoughts create our world.  What do you want your life to be?  Because it can be anything you want it to be. 🙂

Have a wonderful rest of your summer!
Happy Mercury Retrograde & Happy Letting go 🙂
May the Universe bless you many times over!!!
Lots of love,

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