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Walden Pond’s Blessing….

Yesterday had been a long time coming… or so it felt.  It was last Winter that I got the message from Gaia to do this blessing and healing to protect the land around Walden Pond.  If you recall… I was in shock as channeling was very new to me.  And differentiating who was who was not easy… but she was very clear with a very strong message.  I couldn’t ignore it.  Especially when the sign of validation I asked for came through that very day! (if you want to view that post, it’s under Gaia and the Falcon).
We had originally planned this event 2 months ago.. early Spring.. the weather was warmer and the ground thawed.  But the timing wasn’t right.  And it had to be right.  I had no idea just how right it needed to be till yesterday.  There were many that wanted to participate and I was holding out till I got the sign for a day…  One morning when I was in a quite moment (and if you know me, there aren’t many), Hecate chimed in and had a message for me.  But at the end of her message, I had been thinking about Walden Pond.. and she immediately said, “That will be done when the moon is right”.  Of course I dont know much about astrology, but I trusted I’d be “informed” when that time was approaching.  Of course I thought I’d be told with a weeeee bit more notice… but it all worked out exactly how it was meant to work out. I was literally given 24 hrs. notice. I put it out on facebook.. and I apologize if I didn’t reach some in time that may have wanted to be there.
As you all know we had 3 eclipses within 31 days.  This is highly unusual, but with the energy of the earth shifting.. not surprising.  July 1st was a new Moon.. which is new beginnings.. and also the 3rd eclipse, making this moon and it’s intentions very strong.  July 1st was the day!  I had to let those who wanted to participate in this event know on the 29th.. late at night.  So needless to say.. with it being a holiday weekend and last minute notice.. there was no crowd.  But ya know.. it was incredibly special with the 5 of us.  And I believe it was exactly how it was supposed to be.  With these things, you really need to be drawn to them, and when you are, it holds meaning for you.  If you go because you feel you have to… it’s very different.  Yesterday was very special 🙂

This little angel appeared when we were leaving Walden Pond

I could feel it as soon as I walked out my door!  I had butterflies in my chest!  Yes an odd place.. but I dont feel things in the same way as I used to, and processing energy is much different for me now… so when I actually physically FEEL energies.. I’m happy.  You have to remember.. Im an empath and to no longer feel the world around me like I used to… it’s very different.  Im relearning how to process my world.  So this feeling made me smile. 🙂  As I was driving it got stronger and stronger, to the point of making me giggle as it tickled.  I knew something powerful was about to happen!!!  I could feel good things coming.
This is where Thoreau's cabin used to be

Creating rock towers is considered very sacred

We all arrived about the same time and started off on our treck.  What was really nice was we had creatures greeting us along our way.  First 2 chipmunks, then 2 squirrels, then one of each, a frog, and then more and birds too.  It was like they were guiding us to where to plant the crystals.  We did a little backtracking as we had to form a star of david, tetrahedron grid around the lands of the pond.  We each took turns, as we had 6 crystal “planting” points, then the throwing of the Selenite Heart into the middle of the pond, then back to raise the grid high above us , spread it out to cover all the land, and then bring it down and anchor it into the earth.  We started by digging a hole… crushing sage into the hole, placing the crystals (1 satin spar selenite, 1 clear quartz) into the hole, crushing more sage over the crystals, burying them, crushing sage over the covering, then lastly covering the area with old leaves so it’s not noticed.  We had 6 plantings which each one of us “owned”.  As we finished each planting of the crystals, we held hands in a circle around the buried crystals, and infused our love and healing into those crystals.  I asked for Gaia, God, and the angels, to bless the land and protect it.

Step ONE of each "Planting" after digging the hole. Placing sage in the hole.

Step TWO, placing the crystals in the hole.

Step THREE, more sage over the crystals (Sage is for protection)

Step FOUR, burying the crystals.

Step FIVE, more sage over the earth and crystals.

FINAL step, covering the area with old leaves. (Onto the next planting...)

During our circles.. I could feel our energy flowing through us strongly and pictured our hearts opening and flowing into the crystals.  The energy was very strong so I know all of you who were with us in spirit, your energies were flowing through us into the crystals as well.  It was an incredible feeling!  And the heat.. OMG!  It was gorgeous outside… slightly humid.. with a nice breeze.  The air was fine.. the weather was great.. and the breeze was cooling.  But when we were in circle… the heat flowed in a big way!  I think I was dripping the most! lol  (Nice visual huh?  *grin*)  I know when I do energy healing work the energy flow raises my temperature in a big way.. my hands are on fire and my body … well lets just say I need AC and fans!  ha ha  OK so maybe not quite that bad.. but close!  When we were nearing the midway point I noticed the other hands I was holding in each circle were getting very hot!  It just made me smile inside to know that what we were doing was having such a strong impact.  And I’m sure its effects are going to be even bigger than we will ever imagine!

Jim is taking the pic so you cant see him, but he was with us when we circled around each planting and infused our love and healing energies into the crystals.

We created a visual to show what needed to be created from point to point, planting to planting, and raised above the entire place, enlarged, and then brought down and anchored into the ground. This is the star of protection we created with the crystals being planted at each point around the pond. And the Heart being put in the middle of the pond to rise up and created a 3D star to protect not only the land, but the pond, the air, and all the animals that live there.

Now as far as the crystals go….  Selenite is an angel crystal.. a very powerful healing one that I have throughout my  healing room, my home, the salon, EVERYWHERE!  It brings in positive energies.. keeps out the negative energies, and blesses the area whereever it is.  It can also cleanse and clear all your other crystals in minutes!  BUT… you cannot get selenite wet!  It will dissolve!  As beautiful as it is and as hard as it seems… it will dissolve in water.  So why did I place these in the ground and in the lake???  Simply… I was guided to.  But there were two crystals that went into each star point.  The clear quartz makes any crystal even stronger in intensity… so it was there to remain in the ground while the selenite dissolved into the land, blessing it as it flows through the earth there.  This will take some time to occur.. but the overall effect will be a very strong blessing of love and healing for this land.  The heart that was thrown into the pond was one I had bought for my home… but the night before leaving I knew this crystal was to be thrown into the pond.  I so didn’t want to part with it, but it was a “knowing” I was given… and as I put it to my heart I knew it was the crystal that was meant to go in the water.  It will dissolve and become part of the whole pond, blessing it many times over.. and every person, big and small, that goes in the water.  Plus all the wildlife and fish that live there.  Let me make a note of saying that the Heart of Selenite that went into the pond was pure Selenite, but the crystals that went into the ground were Satin Spar Selenite.  Same properties of dissolving but it’s healing properties are even stronger than regular selenite (if you can imagine that!).

This is the Selenite heart that went into the pond. It seemed to be glowing in my hand!

The Selenite heart.

We put the heart on the ground to show it's brilliance

One Clear Quartz crystal and One Satin Spar Selenite Crystal for each planting.

The energies of the new moon and eclipse made this event 100X more powerful than if it had been done on any other day.  I believe this is why nothing worked out in the Spring when we were planning  this event.  The timing had to be right.  And boy did we do it up right!  Now… if you’ve seen Heidi’s pic that I posed on my page on facebook you may be wondering, what that was all about… lol  We had JUST started our journey at Walden Pond, and we saw a Birch that was 5 large trees, but hollowed out in the bottom.. and I mentioned that this is what this blessing is all about.  She said it reminded her of a toilet.  Then proceded to strike a pose! lol  I had to take a pic!!!  Of course this is the humorous side of our adventure… but it had to be posted! It was too funny not to! 🙂  This is to remind everyone… spirituality is not all seriousness!  The angels have an incredible sense of humor!  But they will also kick you in the butt when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing on your path. 🙂  Trust me on that one!  *smile*  We are meant to have joy in our lives!  Create it and bathe in it whenever you can!  And when you are called upon for something more meaningful… embrace it.  It will bring you blessings many times over.

Hollowed out Birch (aka toilet to and one of the many reasons for this blessing.

New Growth INSIDE one of the hollowed out trees

It's amazing some of these are still upright!

so sad...

<3 <3 <3 Thank you all for participating in this incredible day… this most special blessing.  It is moment in time that I will take with me always.  Big thanks to Duxie, Alex, Heidi, and Jim for creating this memory, for all who were there in spirit for your love and healing, and to God, Gaia, The Angels, Archangels, Masters, Elementals, and all beings of pure white light that were present for this very special day <3 <3 <3
I am forever grateful!
Have a wonderful 4th of July!!!
Many Blessings,

Jim, Me, and Heidi

Alex posing near the "famous" birch

Heidi blessing this poor birch.. ha ha (Im sure the angels got a chuckle out of this)

Alex's pure heart was in charge of the sage.

Thislittle guy showed us that we were in just the right place for the final Crystal Point Planting.

so peaceful


Walking back....

The way this one stretch of rays has this area faded out... makes me feel it's blessing upon us.

We are almost gone...

This beauty was caught by my friend Doris who just had surgery so she couldn't do the hike.. but came along and rested in this beautiful place. Her camera on her phone captured this AS we were doing the blessings!! I was floored by the colors and rays. I had her send to my phone right away so I could show you here. Yesterday was a truly blessed event 🙂

More beauty...

God bless this beautiful place...


  • Susi Marrotte Posted July 4, 2011 12:20 am

    That is such a wonderful ceremony you performed and I am more than positive you and your friends will be blessed abundantly for doing so. <3

    • Sally Bowers Posted July 4, 2011 1:04 am

      I think we felt blessed just participating in such a special event. Gaia is happy 🙂 We had 6 plantings all at locations of where we anticipated the points to be, and then “planting” the Heart in the middle of the lake, then finally anchoring down the grid over the whole area. E gave me that idea. 🙂 The whole day was blissful 🙂

      • Heidi Posted July 5, 2011 5:09 pm

        Very Blessed.

  • Amanda Posted July 4, 2011 1:52 pm

    Great post, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Did you set up geocaches for any of these? Hehe JK 🙂

  • Sally Bowers Posted July 14, 2011 3:12 am

    You are a funny one!! lol 🙂

  • Www.Chirpy.Info Posted August 1, 2013 3:10 am

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to
    your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

    • Sally Bowers Posted August 20, 2013 9:33 pm

      Thank you very much! 🙂

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