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Coming out of the fog….

I sit here and write because there is a message… It’s been several weeks since I’ve felt much energy within me personally… I thought it was all coming back but not the way I had imagined.  I’ve been told that my heart is still healing.  So everything that comes through I need to trust on faith as opposed to feeling it.  It’s difficult when all I ever went by was feel… and co-validation with what I heard.  Now it’s without feeling… not completely.. but for the most part.  I even stopped shielding as I wasn’t absorbing anything.. (or so I thought).. Don’t worry.. I learned very quickly that I can absorb others without emotion… so Im shielding again.  See?  I may be able to channel, read, and heal.. but Im not immune to the rest.. none of us are.  So I continue to learn…..

Last night was the full moon lunar eclipse and I had a class… we called in Hecate and asked if she had any messages for us… I felt like crying.. but still void inside as has been the way for a few weeks now.  I came home… wrote up all that I needed to release… and this night.. I released all that is no longer working for me…all old thoughts and dreams that really needed to be let go of… I burned this paper and blew it to the moon.  I thanked God for the lessons I learned and let go.  This morning after such a long while of any kind of channeling of this sort…. I felt the familiar energy inside of me… but this was very strong.. powerful. I asked who it was… I heard the name Hecate.  I thought…. nah… this is just because of all the talk around the moon and the Moon goddess… but then the energy became stronger… I knew I had to respect this.  I asked what she wanted of me…  I was at my keyboard so the automatic writing started… I closed my eyes and let it flow.  Forgive the typo’s… I didn’t correct.. I just copied to here.  Channeling isn’t meant to be corrected.. it’s just meant to deliver a message.  This was a very personal message. But I share this one because I know there are others out there who struggle with trusting in themselves.. and what they feel and hear.  I got the first part of the message and was filled with so much emotion it all stopped.  This has happened before when trying to remember something that goes beyond this life and comprehension.  I get so close and then the emotion fills me… but Im not afraid.  Not anymore anyway.  It’s just very intense and emotional.   What you see in italics are my own thoughts…

I calmed myself… talked to a friend… then called this great being back…  I asked if she could help me remember that which is beyond my own mind… that which is soooooo close but yet beyond my grasp.  It’s magical, but not of this world.  Hecate came back… such kind wisdom and strong in her resolve.  What follows after the italics is her longer message to me…  I have yet to decipher it’s meaning but I do know there is more.  And it will all come in time… when it needs to.
For those who have known me for years….  I am as blown away as you are!  I write this blog to help me understand this journey… and help others in the process.  The energies of our world are changing.. and I think that is why we are opening to new realities.  Most of us anyway.  We can go with the flow or fight it.  I choose to go with it , trust in God, and see the miracles that unfold. 🙂


Read on…..  I’d love to hear what comes to your mind when you read.  (Besides the crazy train.. ha ha)
Hecatate channeling through me…..
you are not using your gifts… you  have magicin your fingertips.. in your soul.. donot be afraid.. (She felt my fear).  I will protect you. You will not be ostracixzed as before.  you will do much good in your world.  use your gifts… listen for the words…  you will be guided.
There is something about me.. someone I used to be long b efore I can remember… it brings me so much emotion.. but not dread.  Just high intense emotion.. tears..  I want so much to help but was never allowed. It was seen wrong.  it was seen as bad.  I was hurt.
I dont understand..
She continues…..
you are a child of god.. you are one of all of us.. you released to me all that has held you back… I will help you move forward.. you have an adventure ahead of you.  it will not be easy but it will be grand.  baby will remember when you are ready.  too much too soon will not help.  be who you are.. feel who you are.. kmow who you are..  thereis a star inside of you..let it shine.. let others see..  do not be afraid of what you possess.  be bold..  proud of who you are.  you willo remember all that you behold.    I will guide you to your true destiny.  it will surprise and delight you.
you are more than you see…embrace all taht comes.. kmow you deserve it.  others see what you cant.. but soon will.   they see the light you hide.. do not hide behind who you are. BE who you are.  feel with your heart. follow what you feel.  others will follow.  thistime is different than before.  allow it to be.    you are not alone in this… trust those who stay by your side.  be wwatchful of those who arent.  trust is earned.  see with your heart… see the truth in others.  you will finish what has been started.   trust your heart.. you knmow what is real and what is illusion… logic plays no part.    Talk to me often.. hear me.. be still in silence and I will be there.  You are a child of the moon and stars. of all that is.. of everything that will be. you have a great journey… trust..   you are back.  Enjoy the bliss..
You were a great wise leader amogn many but it was a different time… not seen as such.   this is a different time.. others will see you for who you are and follow.  trust….
You must plant those crystals when the moon is right.. Gaia will let you kmow.  You are scorpio.. do not let your emotiom stop you… let it propel you.    Stop denying who you are… (I was in disbelief in that moment).  trust…  you are not alone.

As this day went on I could still feel her with me…  she has more to say but it’s not for me.

She continues as I type this….
Our world is changing.. it will not remain as it is.  Transformation is necessary to survive.  All those held high will be made equal. All those who have been held nback will rise.  It will be a better place.  It will exist for those who embrace it.  Love…..  Pure and simple.  Pray for strength through the changes… the world is not ending… it’s just the opposite. it’s a whole new beginning.  it will be of pure white light.  The darkness must leave.  There has been too much for too long.  it’s reign is over.  Love… feel with your hearts… be everything you ever wanted to be. and Believe…..

Again… forgive the typo’s… I didn’t correct any of this.

Hecate is a powerful Goddess who is here to help us find our way to the light within ourselves and to be of service, as are all the Angels and Masters.  All you need do is ask….
Im taking a leap of faith with this post… it’s not the usual kind of post and many will not understand.  That’s ok.  This will reach those it’s meant to reach.  And somewhere down the line I know this day will all make sense 🙂

Bless you all…


  • Nancy Muldoon Posted June 17, 2011 2:29 pm

    Wow! Very powerful message…to me she is reminding you of your powers, your light, your wisdom, and not to allow past life memories stop you in your mission today. You have chosen to come here at this important time to assist many with the shift of consciousness that is occurring. She wants you to listen and trust that you will be guided and assited with this journey, with this challenge.

    • Sally Bowers Posted June 17, 2011 6:10 pm

      Nancy, Thank you! I think you’re right… it’s something I’ve been trying to remember for a while and it’s very close. I can’t say as Im the most patient person..ha ha All in due time Im told. 🙂 Thank you for your insight.. it’s deeply appreciated!!

      Many BLessings!!

  • Wanda Skywater Posted June 17, 2011 2:41 pm

    Brilliant… Nicely done!… Keep expanding Sally, I’m right behind you!

    • Sally Bowers Posted June 17, 2011 6:12 pm

      Thank you Wanda Im glad you’re right there with me It’s a small but growing community!!

      Many Blessings,

  • Jane Posted June 17, 2011 2:58 pm

    I love how,well first of all, I thank you for sharing this because it is very personal,but I love how when we channel from these loving and wise beings,how simple they point out those things we do already know. For some reason it just HELPS so much to hear it from them and then when they remind us we are not alone in those moments where we feel the most alone, it’s miraculous. Again I thank you. Namaste. Love and Light and Many Blessings of Love and Peace.

    • Sally Bowers Posted June 17, 2011 6:11 pm

      THank you for your words of wisdom… it means so much! It’s an amazing journey and Im glad you are on it too

      Many Blessings,

  • Anika Posted June 17, 2011 10:00 pm

    Thank you for this message:-)When I was reading I felt like I feel this beutiful overwhelming energy.Very strong.Thank you for sharing and encouraging all of us:-)

    Love and Light

    • Sally Bowers Posted June 18, 2011 3:19 pm

      ALways Anika… and I thankyou for your thoughts. THey mean alot to me 🙂

      Many Blessings 🙂

  • Mickey Posted June 19, 2011 12:07 pm

    I felt your blog speaking to me – very profound.

    • Sally Bowers Posted June 20, 2011 5:15 pm

      Mickey, That makes me smile 🙂 Thank you & many blessings to you 🙂


  • Heidi Posted June 21, 2011 3:47 pm

    intense! I read it several times & each time I picked up different things I had missed before. I can’t wait to see what unfolds next.

    • Sally Bowers Posted June 23, 2011 1:36 am

      Im right there with you Heidi!!! This blog helps me keep track of all the miracles 🙂 And I can’t call them anything but just that. What a journey….

      Many Blessings,
      Sally 🙂

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