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“A soulmate is the one person whose love is
powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul, to do the emotional work of
self-discovery, of awakening.”
I saw a friend yesterday that I  haven’t
seen in about a year.  Then saw this quote today.. and it reminded me of our
conversation.  Many think that soul mates are those individuals that are meant
to be with us in love for life… and we search and search for this one special
person.  I’ve learned over the past year that soul mates can be your best
friend.. your brother or sister.. even a parent.  We have many soul mates
creating our soul family.  When you meet someone for the first time and you feel
so comfortable with that person, like you’ve known them your whole life… they
are most likely in your soul family.  I know you ALL know what Im talking about
here too. 🙂  As we follow our paths for our lives we come across people who are
with us for just a little while and others for the duration… but there is
always a reason.  The ones that we only have with us for a little while were
meant to help propel us further on our way.  If we get sidetracked… they come
in out of what feels like nowhere and just their presence in our lives changes
everything.  And when we look back on our time with them… we see that we
probably would not be where we are in this moment if we had not met them.  This
truly is a blessing.  Soul mates motivate us to be who we are meant to be… to
be ourselves… to do the work needed to find out exactly who that is.


I’ve read much about soul mates and twin
flames… everyone is searching for that one perfect person… and their one
true soul connection.  Though that connection may not be with you on this
plane… the timing may not be right in this lifetime.  But guaranteed you have
been together in many lifetimes before.  So much is said about twinflames..  and
many dont know of this.  Twin flames are our other half so to speak.  We both
were created from one flame and separated…. each to live a life and destiny
here on this plane.  We may or may not ever meet in this lifetime… but
guaranteed if you do… you will know it!  There is no mistaking this type of
connection.  The connection isn’t always perfect as many think…  there can be
ups and down.. there can be so much going on in one flames life that they never
truly reach the point of being able to connect on a divine level with their twin
flame.  If one is only just beginning.. and you meet.  You will have a tortured
existence with this soul.  It will always be deeply passionate and loving.. but
not always being able to be together.  I’ve read that each flame must succeed in
remembering who they are and fulfilling their own path… and if both achieve
this at about the same time.. it’s golden!  If not… you may not be together in
this lifetime.


Does anyone truly know the deepest extent of
this type of connection?  Only those who have experienced it.  Does it exist?
Absolutely!  Will it happen for you in this lifetime?  possibly…     I believe
it’s important to find our soul families… whoever they may be.  They will
guide you and be there for you when the rest of the world seems to have
forgotten you or doesnt understand your own personal journey.  They have been
with you through many lifetimes before this one and will continue to be with you
in more.  Finding those connections will fulfill your very soul.  Finding within
you who you truly are and why you are here… that too will ease your heart and
mind.  Many don’t care about this… and that’s ok.. everyone has a different
journey and are at different stages of their journeys.  It’s all good!
Myself…  I guess Im at a point in mine where I am feeling who I am… not
quite remembering.. but that will come.  I have always known there was something
so much bigger than just me… so much more connected.  To be doing what I am
doing there has to be. I could not possibly do what I do all by myself.  It’s
just not possible.  Every angel… every divine being… every master…  every
one of you…  we are all connected.  Each person I touch, is touched also by
you.  When I connect to divine energy to bring about healing for someone… they
are connected to all that is present in that moment.  But really… they have
always been connected, and always will be.  I just channel in that moment the
divine energies they need to empower themselves on this plane.  Isn’t that what
we all want?  If everyone stopped their minds from racing day to day and let in
all the love that is in this universe… they would see the bigger picture..
they would heal instantly!  But all in due time I’m told….


I wish everyone could see what I see
sometimes.  There is such incredible beauty in the simplest things.  Clouds….
they speak volumes!  The moon and stars… so peaceful and serene. The tree
frogs… deafening at times.. ha ha  But how many of you can’t hear their sound
because you are in a city or loud location?  I highly recommend taking a trip to
the country at night sometime and hear the beautiful incredible sound.  And
while you’re there… just enjoy the moon and millions of stars. 🙂 I lived away
from the country for a time and always missed the stars.. and sounds.  You can
see manicured homes anywhere… beautiful flowers planted.. everything perfect.
But have you gone somewhere where there is a whole hillside of blue flowers? Or
Ladyslippers?  I went camping once and wasn’t too far from this small hill…
and the entire hillside was covered in ladyslippers!  In Mass they are protected
from being picked as they were becoming endangered.  But yet the next morning
after I saw this incredible site.. EVERY one of them was gone!  I could have
cried!  Such an incredible piece of nature for everyone to enjoy was destroyed
in a heartbeat.  It broke my heart.  Hopefully this year those who camp there
will let them remain.


There are miracles everywhere you look…
just give yourself a few minutes here and there to notice. 🙂  Have you ever
seen an Angel or Cross in the clouds? Or Angels wings?





Do you grab your camera or phone camera and snap
pictures of beautiful sunsets?  or sunrises?  And do you share them?  I hope so





This beam went from the ground straight up to the
sky, it was amazing to see.


I hope you got to see it. 🙂



There are so many beautiful things in life
to fulfill your heart…  it should never be expected of another person.  That’s
not fair.. and it’s not their job.  It’s yours.  This is one lesson I’m learning
over time.  Our happiness is up to us and noone else. 🙂  When you can truly be
happy alone.. and happy with the company you keep, It is THEN that you will find
that forever person to share your life with.  Many learned this early on and
have been married for many years… others have gone through multiple
marriages… whatever your journey.. and whereever you are on it… If you learn
nothing else.. learn this one thing….   Everything you will ever need is
within YOU.  It always was and always will be. 🙂


The simple things 🙂



I wish you all so much happiness… Be
well.. and LIVE!  Not for tomorrow.. but for right now. 🙂



Angel Blessings…





  • Anika Posted June 17, 2011 9:46 pm

    Hallo Sally
    this is really beautiful!Wonderful pictures.It made me cry:-)You touched my heart in miracoulous way.
    Thank you so much.Everything you wrote about is absolutely amazing and simple and it is true:-)Life is beautiful:-)
    Love and Light

  • Sally Bowers Posted June 18, 2011 3:39 pm

    ***hugs*** You are a beautiful soul Anika…. Thankyou for your kind words and I look forward to growing with you 🙂

    Love, Sally

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