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Hi Everyone,
Are you all excited about Spring?  I know
I am!!  Trails here I come! WoooHooo 🙂  Never thought I’d ever hear myself say
those words but last year I fell in love with hiking and it’s been calling my
name alllll winter.  I swear the trees were telling me they missed me.  he he  I
hear the sounds of new birds now.. and squirrels and chipmunks are out and
daring to pop their heads up to see what’s new 🙂  The snow is still lingering
in the midst of things but we are almost through what seemed like the longest
winter on record.  I’m sure it wasn’t but it sure felt that way.  How about for


There has been some interesting
happenings in my world since I last posted.. one of which was profound for me,
but I was told it’s a very private message meant just for me and not to be
blogged.  Let me just say that I’m in awe of what my life is becoming and how
synchronicity and the unfolding of events are leading in a very specific
direction.  Though there is one area I’m totally going on faith with as I have
no clue what is ahead, but I’m learning that’s ok.
I have run into a couple of old friends
and I’ve wondered why there is a distance at times and so I asked…  I know my
life is taking a very bold direction that many do not understand, but I do know
where I’m going and what I want to do.  I think fears of the unknown cause some
to react in certain ways or think certain things… and I guess if I had met
me 5 years ago, my own fears back then and all of what I didn’t understand then
would have caused me to step back a little as well. So I do understand.
Everyone is on their own path and have their own beliefs, and I highly respect
that.  That is as it should be.  I guess I just ask the same.  And to have a
little faith.


There have  been many times that I’ve
wanted to post this on Facebook… “Why is it that it’s ok to pray to God, but
if we listen and he talks back, that is not ok.. it’s evil somehow?”  I haven’t
posted it as I dont want to be negative.  I guess I really just want to give
everyone something to think about.  If you’re famous and you talk to people who
have passed… that’s ok. It’s acceptable.  But if it happens to be YOU,
everyone gets a little weirded out.  That really is ok…  I think if you’ve
known someone most of your life and all of a sudden they are open to information
and energies that are not understood… it can be a little daunting.  But I want
you to think of those that this may apply to in your life… did you truly know
them?  Did you truly know their heart and soul?  I’m finding the ones who did,
even though I never realized it.. they all understand this journey.  But those
who didn’t… those are the ones having the hardest time.


Take a leap of faith 🙂

I’m so truly grateful for those who
accept me right now exactly as I am.. and I look back and see that they always
did.  They never understood why I was the way I was at times… but that was
ok.  Now things make sense.  But this goes for myself as well…  Everything I
am now is everything I always was… but I had locked it up deep inside.  It
came out at times, but for the most part it wasn’t as it is now.  I talk to
angels.. I talk to God..  They talk back..  How could that ever be a bad thing?
I give people messages of hope and reassurance, and a figurative kick in the
butt at times when Im told to.  ha ha  (Yes I really do, and you know who you
are 🙂  I feel everything…Im highly empathic.  So I can feel the difference
between what is good and positive.. and what is not.  And when I feel it’s not..
I shut down immediately.  I’ve learned along this journey… when Im tired.. I’m
not as strong at being able to do that.. so now I know NEVER EVER be open in
this way when Im tired.  I learned this past weekend in a very long and
incredible workshop how to control this.  For the past few weeks I was having a
hard time with stronger energies (not bad ones, just stronger) wanting to come
in when THEY wanted to get a message to someone they loved.  For a while I
allowed this.. as I just wanted to help. But I learned this weekend that *I*
choose when to allow this and *I* set up my boundaries.  One huge reason for
this… If they come through and Im not shielded, I feel every emotion they
feel, every depth of despair, and it can take me down very quickly.


My point though is this…  You do not
need to be afraid for me.  I have always been strongly connected to and
protected by God and AArchangel Michael.  Over the past few weeks I found out
just how much.  They do not leave me. If Im trying something new in opening up,
in order to help someone connect with a loved one.. they are right there.  If
the energy is too strong they take over and pull that being back.  But now *I*
have learned how to control this.  It’s going to take some practice as I’m not
one to tell someone to back off..  But I was told to do exactly that if need
be.  It’s a learning process.


I never wanted to do mediumship. I
thought I could do energy work.. intuitive readings.. and counseling.. and leave
it at that.  It doesn’t work that way.  It’s all connected.  And because Im a
very clear channel, when someone asks me for a reading or they tell me they want
to connect with someone they’ve lost… my head immediately starts to swirl
(it’s how I feel energy) and the information starts coming or their loved one
starts to fly through…  It’s not always the right timing.. so Im also learning
I need to say “not right now”.  I have been learning from some incredible
teachers and feel a little more comfortable with this process now.  I am however
getting inundated with requests for readings and mediumship.  I love readings…
I love Energy sessions.. There is profound healing that comes with both.  But Im
finding that the readings are ALOT of work.  I guess I always knew that.  But
before I became so open I never realized myself what it takes to do a reading. I
would ask a psychic friend questions out of the blue.. when they were not
intentionally connected and guess what you get?  NOTHING!  lol  It’s not like we
know instant answers at all times.  If we stayed tuned in 24/7 we’d burn out
fast!  And we can only give you what comes through.  Sometimes people want to
know something very specific.  It may or may not get answered.. if the angels
feel there is a more important message for you to know.. that is the information
they are going to give you.  Most often this isn’t an issue…  but it


With the increased requests for readings,
Im going to need to schedule them as I do my energy sessions.  I do them
differently than most though.  When I do a reading or mediumship work, I sit in
total solitude and connect to the energies of those who have passed, and the
angels, as well as any ascended masters that have messages. I also connect with
your guardian angels, guides, and your higher self, and mine.  Sacred space is
created before all of this… it’s highly protected.  I then do the readings
with your questions and get their messages.. I record everything and type it up
and send after.. or I can connected through an instant messenger online to
discuss the session as well any additional questions.  Or by phone.  I want your
feedback.. I encourage it.  I just happen to do the session alone.  But While Im
still connected, I can talk with you and delve into further questions,
especially if it’s with someone you love.  The reading is very comprehensive and
it does take time to complete.  Every reading is different in the time it
takes.  But I have one set charge. It’s the same as an energy session.  If you
want a mediumship session in person, I will try to accommodate you but the
reason I do them alone is because I get more information.  Normally it’s the
information that everyone wants.  For me.. It’s healing I want for you.  That is
of utmost importance to me.  Many recent readings were with those very close to
my heart and I needed to learn more in order to continue in this direction and
do them justice. You know who you are.. and I thank you for your patience. 🙂


This is a very different kind of post
this time.. but one that came through so strongly.. I just let my fingers go at
will.  🙂  I do hope this clarifies some things.  I find that if you see the
world with love (yes that is hard at times), but if you can do it… your life
will be so much richer.  I choose not to believe in hell.  Some do..and that’s
ok.  I don’t.  Im not naive in thinking there aren’t darker forces around, but I
find that if you give power to those thoughts.. they will be created in your
world. Your thoughts are everything.  If you try to stay positive and see the
best in everyone…. and find blessings in what seems like injustices.. your
world will bring you more of the same 🙂  Your thoughts create your world….
what kind of world do you want for yourself?



“You can close the windows and darken your
room, or you can open the windows and let light in.  It’s a matter of choice.
Your mind is your room. Do you darken it or do you fill it with light?”  ~Remez



***Angel Blessings***

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