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So much to learn… Wow!!!

Hi Everyone!!  🙂
Just when I think I”ve got it all down…
for the most part anyway, something happens to knock me off my feet.  I dont
think we ever truly have everything mastered or learned.. it’s an ongoing
process.. but you get to a point where you feel confident in what you are
doing.  And while I still have that.. I learned in a mediumship class last night
that there is so much more to learn.  If for nothing else, than to be safe.
Last night I went to a phenominal Intuitive – Mediumship class given by Deb
Miller ( .  It was one of the best classes I’ve gone to and
that is saying alot because Im a little partial to Elizabeths classes (!  As you all know, My job was taken back in September
and it’s what propelled me so strongly on this path Im on… well, it’s getting
very close to my finding something in this area.  My resume is done up and Im
starting to feel out where it needs to be sent.  How this relates…  I almost
didn’t go to this class as I figured I’d wait till Im working again and start
then… but I couldn’t not go.  I was battling with myself on this… But I met
Deb after a psychic fair a month or so ago and then again at the expo.  I
remember that she likes to eat dessert first.. or at least look at it on the
menu.. I thought immediately.. This woman is my soul mate!!! ha ha ha    For
those of you who know me personally… I ALWAYS check out the dessert first!  I
remembered this and her light childlike energy.  But something was pushing me to
go and so off I went.  I thought.. it’s just one class..
This was the most amazing class… but very
deep at the same time.  It’s very different than the feel I have when working
with Elizabeth.  I think because it’s spirit work and not angels.  Angels feel
altogether different.  I hadnt realized how much till last night.  We practiced
energy work.. but more feeling as opposed to doing. (Very cool!) and then we got
into a circle where we connected our energy and just tried to sense things about
each other…  Little blips came up here and there… but then I saw (After
thinking my “sight” was a man… and he was with a younger man…
I could not hear this man but I could see him… and at first that was it.  But
the woman next to me heard him…  He had been in this place for many years..
but needed to find his way “home”.  I could not connect to the way he died… my
mind would not let me go there.. but when she described how he felt when he
died.. my entire body flew into a connection with his.  I could feel everything
he felt in that moment before he died… and it consumed me.  It was like I was
looking at myself from the outside in… but Deb was incredible.  She guided me
and the whole group through this unexpected turn of events.  I have channeled
information before and it makes for a fantastic reading.. but this was
completely different.  This was pure emotion.  I still could not hear this young
man.. but the woman next to me could… and she connected him to Deb who helped
him cross over…  As soon as he found that light and passed, my entire body
felt relief and relaxed in a big way.
Everything I do is by feel… so to feel
this man helped me understand his pain.  And to see him was another step into
this unseen world.  Im told I have work to do on my sacral chakra… as there is
much to be healed in order for my “vision and hearing” to open up fully.  I
thought I had dealt with all that needed to be dealt with… but
noooooooooooooooo.  There is more. (Oh Joy!) 🙂

Im in the perfect workshop at present that
will help with this.  I have a feeling that there is so much more to unfold in
the coming months and I welcome it.  This class opened up something in me that
needs to be explored.  While my main direction is with angel work and healing…
I have a pull to connect on other levels for help in healing others.  It’s not
all energy work… but not all readings either.  Elizabeth told me in the
beginning that I’d be dabbling and doing many different things..and I feel this
is what she meant..  But I have a strong sense inside of me now that something
has opened that is bigger than even I imagine… stronger that I thought
possible.  But it’s there to help me do something bigger than myself.  I just
dont know what that is yet.  I can’t truly even comprehend it.. but yet I feel
it when I dream and it’s beyond logic…  magical…

Talk to you soon… <3
Have a truly wonderful February
***Angel Blessings***


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