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Next Phase… Who knew?

I woke up this morning from a “dream”.
Though those moments just before falling asleep and just before waking up are
times when we recieve messages.. or can set very powerful intentions.  This was
another very clear message.  From Gaia.  And I can understand why she didn’t
tell me everything when she first came to me… It would have been waaaay
overwhelming.  I can’t even say as I’m completely grounded when writing this but
here I am anyway.  I have to make sense of what I’m seeing.
This morning just before waking I had a very
strong vision of everyone at Walden pond… but a great many people all around
the lake.. holding hands.  A complete circle. All sending their loving energy
into the crystals so that they may heal the earth and trees in this place and
keep the beauty that lives.  It will only be a few that will place the crystals
and sage… but it will be many that infuse those crystals with love and
healing…. and this is done purely by wishing it to be so.  Energy follows
I found a friend online and was able to
release all this pent up anxiety over this to her.. (Thanks Sue).  It’s not that
Im afraid to do this… I know how and what to do. But this is HUGE!  This would
mean talking to Walden Pond… getting their permission..  talking to the News
possibly to get the people there that love this place.  And there are thousands
that love this place.  Hmmmmmm a thought just came to me… a flyer given to
everyone who visits to get the word out of what we are trying to do.  Walden
Pond has several parking lots and they are always packed in the warmer months.
If you’ve ever visited and had to wait to get in.. you know what I’m referring
I’ve been wondering… why me?  But Gaia
told me, ” You were chosen for this place Sally because you can feel the beat of
it’s pulse when you walk it’s earth.”   And I do feel this place…  it brings
me great peace.  And the chipmunks that follow me around.. They are a great
source of joy. 🙂
I’m overwhelmed at the moment…  Moreso
than the first conversation. At first I was scared.. as this is so much bigger
than me. but I love this place… Im not sure there is anyone who loves it more.
I hiked several hundreds of miles here in the last Spring to Fall and watched
the seasons change and how the sun shined so brightly through the leaves on the
trees.  From 35 degrees to 104 degrees and back down again.    Even now… I can
feel the heart of this beautiful place.
Not sure what’s next…  but when this all
occurs under the sun in the beauty of what I feel is part of Heaven… it will
be a beautiful and most blessed event.  I hope you all will be there.. if not in
person.. in spirit. 🙂
Here is a quote that my friend Susi sent
just this morning in regards to this… and I think it’s a perfect way to finish
this posting…
“For God has not given us a Spirit of fear,
but of POWER, of LOVE, and of SOUND MIND.”
Have a wonderful weekend 🙂
***Angel Blessings***

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