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Expo Time!!!

Hi Everyone!!!
I hope you’re all weathering this winter
ok.. if you’re in the North East you are getting buried!!  I know I am.  But we
are on the downhill slide now so it should be getting brighter in the day…
longer in length… and warmer!!!  Not sure where all this snow is going to melt
off to, but I’m sure Mother Nature will find a place for it. 🙂  I don’t think
drought is going to be much of an issue this summer.
My House…
Well.. as most of you know.. The Heart,
Mind, Body & Soul Expo was this past Sat. (Feb. 5th).  It was an amazing day
with incredible energy everywhere!  The healers room was soooo calming and
tranquil.. and when you walked in the Readers room is was almost electrified!
The energy was so high,  One friend came and pulled me into the other room just
to feel the difference.  As soon as I walked in my head began to swim… There
were ascended masters in that room for sure!  When they are present I get a pain
above my right eye and it was strongly present.  I can’t yet feel the difference
in their energies, but I’m sure even if I could, I wouldn’t have been able to
that day.. there were many!!  I thought that was great as they can give
information that will help people in their lives that might not be found
There was a huge lobby and it was filled
with many tables of varying products… crystals.. jewelry.. health products..
body products.. books.. metaphysical pictures (VERY COOL!!), among other very
nice wares.  Then we had the room full of all different kinds of readers.. Angel
readers, astrology, intuitive shell reader, palmistry, aura, you name it… it
was neat to see so many different kinds of specialties in one place.  The
Healers room was much the same… we have practitioners that did Reiki, IET,
Shamanic work (this was cool to watch), music/tone healing, tong ren,
electromagnetic resonancing, laser bubble bath (this was incredible!! and no you
dont get wet 🙂 ).   The expo had a little of everything.  A taste so to speak.
What I found difficult myself was that I
could only work on people for 20 minute increments.  I know this is how it’s set
up and it’s just to give a taste to people so they can know what resonates with
them.. but it wasn’t easy.  My normal session lasts about an hour and 15 min.  I
cut down the session to 1/5 that time… though I set the intention that with
each person it would count as a full session and they would benefit as if it
were a full session.  I knew this ahead of time and was set to heal in this
way.  But when I had someone on my table where I was pulling alot of emotional
“stuff” out.. I had a hard time moving on the to the next energetic area as I
wanted to stay in that spot till all was removed.  But because of the time
constraints, I had to get what I could and move forward.  I know it helped each
person.. and they felt the difference.. but I still felt I wasn’t doing enough.
It was my first Expo… so I guess I need to learn that this is about reaching
people and letting them know there is more and if they choose, they can come and
clear everything out.  Funny thing is… alI wanted to do was reach as many
people as I could… I never once thought about this as being an event to
promote business.  But in talking to others about the difficulty I was having
with such short sessions… they had to make me aware of this.  I guess it’s the
one thing I have a hard time with… I dont see this as a business.  I know it
has to be.. but I would do it regardless.   I am being reminded that the
healing continues even after the person leaves and continues for 24-48 hrs.. or
more depending on each person.  (Thank you Angels 🙂
One huge moment I had during all of this
is that I learned that as much as each modality works on all levels… mine
included.. I believe I’m meant to work with people and teens that are having a
hard time emotionally.  With divine intervention, I can get to the core of these
issues with profound divine energy, and release the root causes of the problems
that are manifesting in each persons life.  Memories aren’t removed… but the
effects of those memories are.  And more positive life changing energies are put
in place so that each person can let go and move forward.  My focus up till now
had been on finding spas for my work… I naively thought this was the only
place I could go… but I’m being guided to apply to hospitals.. Possibly the
patients who have lost all hope,  or those who dont know how to handle what they
are feeling inside,  But definately hospitals.  The income would be half what a
spa would be.. but I’d be able to reach so many more people!! And isn’t that the
point?    I know for me it is. 🙂
I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous
post… but now more than ever the feeling of working toward “Angel Town Healing
Center” is fired within me.  And when Im fired up… there’s no stopping me. 🙂
This is a reality!!!  It is already manifesting within my heart and mind… 🙂
Thank you to all who are now hopping on board to make this the most incredible
place of peace and healing.
I have to share a really neat happening
that occurred within hours of the expo… I haven’t shared this kind of thing in
a while 🙂   a little while back I had recieved an attunement for Lightarian
Reiki.. it was my first.  When I got home that day someone had asked me for a
reading and the information just flowed. I hadn’t picked up a single card and it
was one of my best readings ever at that point.  Well… after the expo.. a
friend of mine asked me for a reading.  I said I’d have to wait till the next
day as I was very tired.. and as we all know from previous posts.. I’ve learned
to NEVER EVER do a reading when Im exhausted…  ha ha   I was writing this
person to let them know my initial gut feelings when the information just
started to flow in a big way… so I kept typing. Again.. not a single card was
needed!  The information just flowed and I sat in awe.  I asked questions and
answers came freely.  All I had to do was read the email that came to me and the
connection was made… then the information flowed. I love when this happens.
It’s effortless.  Im starting to think that maybe Im making the whole process
alot more complicated than it needs to be.  This reading was simple.. free
flowing.. and I knew the message very strongly.  I realize I was still probably
very much open from the expo… but this was so much fun and I enjoyed it!  🙂
I think I’m going to try and do more channeled readings without cards and see
how it goes.. And more in person!!!  I tend to get very detailed info when Im
alone.. so I more often than not do readings alone and send the recording.. but
many need to see a reader in person.. so I need to start incorporating this
Both areas of healing are so important.
Readings give people information that can help them heal their lives.. but
energy work gets to the core of many issues…  together they can work miracles
🙂  Letting go is one of the hardest things we learn in life…and many never
learn it.  But IET helps people dissolve the issues that keep them from letting
go.  When these issues are gone… one can move forward in their life.  There is
nothing more liberating and healing than this. 🙂   The Expo allowed me to touch
the hearts of those who needed it.  It helped point me in the right direction.
🙂  And in doing so expanded my heart 10 times it’s size.  I know where I’m
going….  now I ask God and the Angels and Masters to guide me to what is right
and perfect for me and all concerned!!
I want to thank everyone who was able to
attend the expo..and to those who came to let me work on them.  It was an
awesome day and I loved seeing each and every one of you!!  Im going to end this
with a prayer that helps anyone who says it… and it will bring to you that
which you most need and which will benefit all concerned.
“Dear God,  I want to do great things
for you.  Please Lord, expand my opportunities and increase my influence so that
I may touch more lives for you. Amen” 🙂
***Angel Blessings***

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