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Moon Rainbows….

Today is a very powerful day.. being 12-21-10 and it being a full moon, lunar eclipse, and winter solstice.  I watched the moon change many times this evening and before shutting out the lights and getting ready for bed… I went out, stood under the moon, closed my eyes and said, “thank you for all my blessings, my gifts, and for lifting the veil so that I can see “you”, hear “you”, feel “you”, and know “you” completely.  When I opened my eyes, there was an incredible rainbow around the moon… I smiled while still basking in it’s light and watched it as it slowly faded.  I am not alone. 🙂  I am not alone 🙂  Tears fill my eyes as I write this just in knowing the ways I am shown that I am heard and loved.
There is only one other time that I saw this rainbow appear and fade… it was when I was finally letting go of all I’d held so tightly for the past 2 years and cried to the moon, saying that I was not afraid to let go but more that if I let go I’d never “feel” again.  But I was honest and in saying this I also put my complete faith in whatever God has in store for me.  My tears were not fearful ones… but more of renewed hope.  It was when I closed my eyes and the tears fell… then opened them… that I saw the rainbow around the moon.  I knew in that moment, as I did tonight, that I was heard. That I was not alone.
I tried to be very positive today as it was very important to be so…  And what I’ve found in my life also is that my thoughts manifest rapidly… so if they are not positive.. I better get ready for a downward slide.  I dont like those.. or climbing back up from them.. so it’s positivity all the way baby!  I’ve been waking in the middle of the night this week with urges to look at my clock.. always with numbers telling me to keep my thoughts on what I desire.  also to focus on my strong points.  Up till now I wasn’t sure which way to go with that.. but it came to me today that Im a healer.  Physical energetic healing is where my strength lies.  I’ve been trying so hard at readings that will come naturally if I just let it.  And the one thing that I dont need to try at… I’ve been neglecting.  So this month has been about priorities and learning to just “be” with myself.  It’s going well 🙂  

I just started reading “You own the power” by Rosemary Altea.  So far I love it!  It’s basic and keeps you focused on what is important.  I’ve been trying to learn so much.. more more more… that I haven’t stopped long enough to make a difference.  The next few months will be an inward focus in a phenominal workshop with Elizabeth Foley. It’s called Soul Therapy.  I’ve heard its alot of work… but Im ready. 🙂  It’s one weekend a month from Jan. – April.  While doing this I will be getting attuned in Lightarian Reiki (Also with Elizabeth).  This will help stronger energy come through as my vibration will be higher and the healing benefits should be even greater. 🙂  And in doing this, and practicing more with readings and energy work… the veil will slowly be lifting.  There are days when I dont see it happening.. but if I look back just a month ago… I can see, hear, and feel so much more now than I could then… so it’s coming 🙂  Slowly but at the pace that is right for me.  (I’m not the most patient person when it comes to this)  My energy and thoughts are shifting rapidly so my choices are changing and there is so much that is just not me anymore.

Many of my friends know that I’ve been giving away so much that is in my home.  My entire china set went to a really nice older couple.  Free on craigslist.  🙂  It’s amazing what you can give away!!!  Games, books, old momentos, etc.  These are past lives long gone…  The china.. that was from my first marriage. I never felt the need to clear out that stuff till now.  But it’s time.  I’m going through everything in the main house now.. and when it gets warmer I’ll go through the attic.  There is another whole lifetime up there.  What’s funny is that I tried to sell some stuff and nothing happened… Now I know I’m not meant to make money off of it…I’m just meant to give to those who need it.  And it feels wonderful when the people come to my door… they have been so happy and grateful.  I have a bunch of toys and books going to a nearby school.  Another bunch of toys going to a child that will truly appreciate them. 🙂  I just know that I’m being lead to do this and the people who need these things are being lead to me.  What more could anyone ask for? 🙂 

Christmas is only a few days away and I think of all my blessings… my children are #1. My family.. my mother and father are both still with me.. I am so fortunate and blessed!!  My friends.. old and new.  I have a nice home to live in. I have the joy of doing work that I love.  We have food to eat.  I and my family are in good health.  I am abundantly blessed each and every day.  And I am so very grateful. 

I wish each and every one of you the most blessed Christmas with your families and friends.
And Angel blessings for the coming year. 🙂

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