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Hi Everyone!!
I hope you are having an absolutely wonderful Holiday season so far 🙂
I want to share a story of what has come to be from something that I started a month or so ago.  It truly is amazing how if you just let go and trust that you are taken care of… you find that you truly are!  I wrote these 2 little checks for abundance with Elizabeth… and WOW!  First was at our angel meetup and the next was at the prosperity party I attended. It’s a neat activity we all did and I can only thank the universe for cashing my checks! My daughter sent me flowers this week and because the company forgot the vase, I got TWO sets of flowers!  Last week… I saw a refund posted in my checkbook online.  It was for a bill I paid yet they refunded me the money.  I sent a message to the online banking personnel which always responds to questions within 24 hrs. but have heard nothing in a week.  I was going to try and research this but then thought… who am I to question where the abundance comes from.  I paid the bill, they sent it back.  Noone is asking for this money.  So I transferred the money out of my checking acct and put it in my savings.  If noone asks for it in the next 3 months I am not going to think another thing about it.  In the meantime. THANK YOU GOD & The ANGELS!!!
I was very sleepy a couple of mornings ago and didn’t want to get out of bed but my body made me. Not only made me but I had to come to my computer.  Then as I sat down I knew I had to email my friend Mary.  I had no idea why I was emailing but I asked her to please mentor me on my journey. I needed help with focus, connecting, and doing.  I said I wanted to see her once a week for 3 hrs. and I’d do homework. And in exchange.. I asked if I could do IET on her and/or pay her.  She wrote back almost immediately and said she’d love to mentor me and we could figure out the exchange later.  I dont know which guide or angel nudged me to do this as it was NOT in my head to do… but I typed these words that were not even in my head and Im so very grateful I did. 🙂  I have been trying so hard to keep learning more and more and not using what I have.  Now I need to learn to use what I have and really delve in before moving forward again.  The universe has been trying to tell me to slow down and focus inward… but I wasn’t listening. (Have I not learned yet to listen when they speak? *grin*)  Now it’s time to face me.  To really learn who I am and have always been.  I’ve been told I need to learn how to just “be”.  My mind never slows down long enough to do that… but it’s time…
This past week I went to see my friend Sue for a past life regression… I wasn’t sure it was possible as I have never been able to be hypnotised. But damn she’s good!  he he She brought me through 3 lives… I won’t go into detail but lets just say there was a common theme with each life.  I checked out early!  Each life had a different kind of pain to which I could not bear.  One in particular pulled me right into that moment and did not want to let me go, but Sue was great and guided me through it and out of it with ease. I thought for a little bit I wasn’t going to make it out of the memory.  It was not fun in that moment… but when she asked my higher self if I wanted to continue.. Inside I was saying no, but my head was saying yes, (my higher self knew better) so on we went to life #3.  When we were done, I thought.. My God. each one had a different kind of pain that was unbearable to the point of leaving that life and yet in this lifetime, I have all 3 of those circumstances that have happened… Sue looked at me and said very emphatically.. “But you are much stronger now”.    She’s right!
In a previous post I mentioned how on my way to IET I had plummeted emotionally… but by days end I was quite high vibrationally and feeling great.  THAT day was part of what helped me connect these 3 lives to my life today.  I dont feel the pain of those lives. I remember it, but I dont feel it. (Thank you Sue).  I feel the pain of this lifetime, but not nearly as deeply as I had.  I have a different perspective.  Reliving those moments and being able to tell my selves that I love them and that I was sorry for what they endured and that I forgive them.. and they me..  it was profoundly healing.  My memories are not gone but they are bearable.  Writing this is not easy…it brings feelings to the surface that are difficult, but just the fact that I can write this and know I’m ok… that is something 🙂   A friend of mine asked me not too long ago… “Aren’t you afraid of what the energy will stir up? The memories?”  I can only say that Im not afraid anymore. The memories of back then and of now can no longer hurt me. And if I need to remember something… then bring it on.  I can only move forward by letting go of the past.  I am now able to let go of so many things.  I think between the hypnosis and the IET… those negative imprints are leaving me with a fury! 🙂  If anyone is interested in learning from their past lives, I highly recommend Sue! Her email is:
I was fortunate to do a full IET session on Sue after her session of hypnosis with me.  (Gotta love bartering 🙂  During this session she had a vision of one of my guides and introduced us.  His name is Ben and he’s a Shaman.  He was helping me with the session. 🙂  I asked if he knows my guardian angel Adrina and he said, Very well!!  He’s been with me a very long time… even from some past lives.  I told her jokingly… “Yeah, he’s going to make sure I live through this life!!” *grin*  (c’mon smile.. it was funny. If I can laugh, so can you 🙂  I may not have the best track record but hey.. Im changing that pattern in this life, right?  RIGHT?  (you better be shaking your head up and down in YES fashion)  🙂   Sue did great and her energy field was awesomely clear due to her own energy work…so pulling out negative imprints was easy.  Yes she still had them, we all do.  But removing them wasn’t difficult as it can be if you haven’t had energy work done before.  What was cool is that when I was doing the soul star clearing..Sue felt such peace.  I could feel the energy flowing through me to her… it was incredible!
OK a quick update on the boy I started IET with a few weeks ago….  He’s been laughing whenever he plays his game. Rarely if ever shows frustration. And his emotions are in complete control.  He’s feeling lighter and in a much better place. I LOVE IET!!!!
The other night  I was driving home and not sure why but I pulled out my phone and took a pic of the road ahead of me.  I take pics all the time during the day… clouds..sun… sunsets… what have you.  But there was nothing to see.  Only after I took the pic and looked at it later when I got home… did I realize why I was guided to take it…
There are days when we all feel lost, like the darkness is closing in… and we can’t see the road ahead.  This can halt us on our path if we let it.  But if we close our eyes and envision the road ahead… trusting in full faith that we are protected and being guided down the path that is right for us…  the light within our hearts will light our way every time!
My older son is blind…and though he’s never seen the road ahead of him, he has never failed to have faith that he is safe and protected.  His heart shines so bright you can almost see his wings. 🙂  His innocence knows no fear.   The next time you are feeling lost.. close your eyes and just feel your way with your heart.  With love, you will never go wrong.
May God bless each and every one of you…
***Angel Blessings***

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