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Integrated Energy Therapy

Hello Hello Everyone 🙂

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Fall weather!!  The colors are lasting so much longer than previous years… it’s been awesome! I got some hiking in which is very therapeutic *wink*.  For those of you that know me you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hike!  Walden pond is my favorite place… it’s my sanctuary 🙂  But there are so many beautiful places to see and hike around.  I’m surprised at the hidden treasures you can find when exploring places you’ve never thought to go before.  Not to mention the funny little critters that you meet along the way.  I’ve met some of the funniest chipmunks 🙂  Look at some of the pictures below….

Quabbin Reservoir 🙂


Harold Parker State Park


Way out back at Walden pond 🙂


Sunset at Walden Pond 🙂


Tully Lake… Doanes Falls.
Out back at Walden Pond too.. This was a treasure 🙂
These are just a few…  If you find yourself looking for something to do on the weekend and it’s beautiful outside…  try a simple hike.. you’ll be amazed at how much you just might like it. (I’m not talking about climbing up a mountainside..he he, Just a fun hike out in nature 🙂  You can tackle the mountains later *grin*.
It’s been getting colder so hiking is coming to a close soon.. which makes me sad but I know there’s always snow shoeing!  Or I could get a good pair of boots..  he he  Im not big on being chilled to the bones though so I think I’ll be finding a new passion for the winter till I can get out there again in the Spring.  Im definately going to be investing in a good camera before next Spring though.  My iphone takes great pics but I want to be able to capture further distances and more clarity 🙂  Not to mention more angel orbs! 🙂
This week as many of you know I went for my level one training in Integrated Energy Therapy.  It was awesome!  I must say… it was very different than anything I’d done up till now.  The energy is different but Im not far into it yet either.  I love working with Angels and the whole idea of accessing divine energy and having it coming through me to align another human beings energetic system and bring them into balance, thereby promoting better health, as well as working on core emotional issues without bringing back the trauma…. it’s just incredible!  I’ve read about many different kinds of energetic therapies, but this one allows the person to release old trauma without reliving it.  And what has taken people many years of psychotherapy to help deal with these issues, can be dealt with in just a few sessions.
When I started to learn about the different energetic therapies and which one I felt was right for me…  I knew this one would be the one to make the difference in so many peoples lives.  It not only deals with core issues and rids the person of the effects, but it also empowers the person so that they can in turn stay healthy emotionally and physically.  Every physical problem has an energetic source, which many times stems from something emotional.  If you treat the problem at the source… everything gets healthier and stays healthier. 🙂
I am certified in Shamballa, which is much like Reiki, only a higher vibration of energy.  That combined with IET is amazing!  Im looking forward to further attunements in IET as well as being able to put this into practice.  Level 2 (Intermediate) is this Thursday. 🙂  The feeling of peace and clarity this brings to people, as well as the health benefits, is so worth it!
Noone knows what tomorrow holds… and each of our paths is our own.  We can only do our best to make each and every day our personal best.  Optimal health is everything.  And the feeling that there is nothing you can’t do…. that is priceless!  I am so happy to be able to help people feel that way.  Michelle did a 5 minute empowerment session on me today… and when she was done I was more relaxed than I’d been in months!  I also walked out of there with a new outlook on my life.  “It’s a very simple and yet really powerful way to heal the limiting effects of our past and imprint an expectation for empowerment and expansion into the future.  We are imprinting the higher vibration only.”  It doesnt replace or have the same effect of the full session by any means but when you need to take back your power… it helps 🙂   Life is too damn short to wait for it to happen to you…  Because if you wait for life to be perfect…..  well…  you’ll be in your grave.  Life is only ever as perfect as you make it yourself.
Keep those thoughts positive…  you’ll be amazed at the difference in what comes into your life when you do 🙂  Through out this whole process I’ve met some incredible people… made new friends… and helped some through their grief.  It has been a journey that has taken me to places in my heart & mind and others as well, that I never thought I’d go.  But when I see how much I’ve learned to trust myself, and how others have come to trust in me…  I am just so filled with gratitude.  I have met some of the most honest and loving people and children on the other side.  Some experiences which brought many tears, but happiness as well.  I am truly humbled.  Thank you to all of you who have put your trust in me.  I am forever grateful.
Till Next Time,
***Angel Blessings***

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