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Hi Everyone,

It’s hard to say where to begin except to just do it. My journey started 2 1/2 years ago in a way… it’s when I started to see the world a little differently. I met someone who didn’t believe in God, but wanted someone to prove him wrong.  He told me back then that if I hung around him long enough, I’d doubt.  I remember telling him that he couldn’t touch my belief. And he responded with… just wait.  Well it’s 2 1/2 years later and Im stronger now than I was even then… and I do believe Im touching him in a way that is giving him reason to believe in something.  What that something is for him, Im not sure… but it’s better than nothing at all.
Where this belief comes from…. for me…  Well.. I only know that ever since I was a little girl I have had a strong connection to something so much bigger than any of us. I went to Catholic church… CCD… but none of that touched me.  I’ve lived through situations that no-one should ever have to. But yet my belief has never waivered.  I dont go to church… I’ll never stand up and yell “praise god”… but I have a connection that goes deeper than anything anyone or any religion could ever give me.  My parents never talked about God.. not that I remember anyway.  But yet I have always talked to the sky… even as a wee little thing, I sung up at the sky. Bellowing out my lungs in song in the middle of my yard for all the world to hear.  Only I never noticed anyone else… just me and my songs and God.

I never understood why I always felt so strongly about God, Heaven, and Angels… and why noone could ever dissuade me from what I felt inside. I just knew…  But I always left it at that. I was happy having my connection and knowing that whenever I needed them.. they heard me.  Over the past year things have changed a bit…  Im finding that “they” are not allowing me to just sit idly by anymore.  Im being drawn in directions that I never thought I’d go.
Last January (2010), I was looking on for groups of people that shared my interests.  I came across this one group that talked about healing energy. For whatever reason, everything inside me told me I needed to  join this group.  So I I went to an energy healing certification course.  It was called Shamballa. Its much like Reiki, only it’s a higher vibration of energy.  I took the whole course and got Master level certified In Shamballa Multidimensional healing.  Now at the time I still really had no clue what that meant.  But I did feel energy start flowing through me.
This was all new to me and I had never felt anything like it… and it didn’t go away.  So I started to send long distance energy.. not knowing if what I was doing had any effect on those I was sending it to.  But one night while I was sending energy, I got a text right in the middle… from the friend I was sending energy to. It said.. “I feel you”.  I almost fell on the floor!:)  Talk about validation!!!

Well I knew I needed to learn more. I went on through this group to find a woman that was very highly connected to Angels and worked with healing energy. At least that’s what I got from her profile.  So I proceeded to contact her and to my surprise she wanted to work with me.  We worked together for several months and she helped me get stronger and to learn so many things about energy that I had never dreamed.  Many things were hard to wrap my brain around and even now its still not easy, but it’s getting better.  I was doing some things playing with energy and the chakras that just came naturally, to which my teacher told me that it took others months or years to learn. Of course my own brain got in the way at times and I had to literally step out of myself to do this work, or my own logic would get in the way and stop everything. Not an easy task…
During this time I had developed a very strong energetic connection with the friend in whom this whole journey began.  My teacher told me to be very careful of my thoughts as they were powerful.  She said that I could effect someone else by what I thought. I did not believe this was possible but she had me feeling very paranoid and so I tried not to think of him at all.  Seriously.. nothing.. NADA!  Only what I didn’t know was the stronger I tried NOT to have any thoughts, the stronger the connection became.  I didn’t understand this at the time.  But not long after, my friend called to tell me that he was having visions connected to me.  24/7!!!  He would zone out at work, couldn’t sleep, you name it. This went on for days.  I was floored!!! (And you have to know… he doesn’t believe in this kind of stuff.. so for him to say he was having “visions” was unreal.)
I told my teacher what was going on and she was very angry, telling me I had to sever the connection right away, that I was hurting our karma. Well, he was my best friend.. that wasn’t going to happen.  But she did proceed to make me feel like I was doing something horribly wrong.  Im not sure that was her intention.. but nonetheless it happened.
I was very upset and talked to a couple of psychic friends of mine about this.  They assured me that I hadn’t done anything wrong.  They said simply… “You have an energetic connection to your friend” plain and simple. Unless Im sitting there chanting for him to do this or do that… I haven’t done anything wrong.  Chanting???? really?   ha ha  First off, why would anyone do that? But no… I hadn’t done anything like that nor would I ever.  I didn’t even understand this whole energetic world enough as it was.  But apparently I had a strong enough energy that I could reach people and THAT intrigued me.  If I can use energy to help people, I was going to learn everything I could.
I stopped seeing that teacher, as it was just too much negativity. I need to stay positive, or my world gets out of balance. I took a break for a while but kept reading.  I’ve read a library of books on metaphysics, energy healing, chakras, divine guidance, crystals for healing, etc.

I believe very strongly now in syncronicity. One thing leads to another and another and another which in turn leads us down the path we are meant to be on.  In all the books I’ve read, I’ve found one common theme…  we are all part of the whole picture. We are all one universal energy.  Hard to wrap your brain around???  Yeah.. I know.  But the more I learn the more I understand.   You can call it what you feel is best for you…  Universal energy…  The Divine… Collective conscious… God… Goddess… Creator…  Whatever you feel in your heart.  But regardless of the name… it’s all the same.  Me personally?  I prefer God and the Angels… Archangels… Ascended masters…  It’s a universe of divine energy and love.  And no matter what you believe…. as long as you believe in something… there is hope.
My journey has only just begun… and so much has happened recently… but if I put it all in one post.. you’ll have a book. 🙂  I just need to get caught up to present and then the postings will go alongside the events as they occur.  For those who believe in Angels and something bigger than all of us.. yet part of each of us…  this blog is going to reach your soul. It is my hope that my experiences will help some of you who may be going through the same thing… and let you know that you are not alone.

Till next time…
***Angel Blessings***

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