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The Angel Healing Workshop

Hi Everyone 🙂

It’s late Friday night but I can’t seem to sleep… so hey.. why not catch up? Alot of changes happened this week that haven’t changed my direction, but have impacted how I’m moving forward.  Im going to try and start with the workshop first….  otherwise it may get put off again.

Ok so I signed up for a workshop that would be the equivalent of what I was going to take with Doreen Virtue out in Colorado.  Elizabeth Foley was my teacher.. and in many ways still is.  It was an amazing workshop.  I went in hopes of learning how to truly connect with my guardian angels, how to work with them, how to channel their energy when Im sending energy to those who ask me to.. and really how to open up all channels of communication within myself.  I’ve read so many books on this topic and every one of them says that every one of us has the inate ability to connect to the “higher” realms and each other.  We all have the capacity to connect with our own higher self… intuition… and Angels.

I wanted to learn more.  I already could feel the energy when it flowed through me… and that is quite the rush let me tell you! But in order to truly help people with problems they may be having.. my intuition needs to be stronger than what it is… so I went to the workshop.  I learned some pretty amazing meditations.. and how to really listen to guidance.  First off… it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It involves trusting 100% in myself and what comes through to me by way of thoughts.  I dont have all channels open yet so I have to trust what comes in.. only it feels like it’s my own thoughts.  That is what is difficult.  How to differentiate?  Basically it’s trusting yourself.  no matter what!

One part of the workshop we had to “feel” for cords of negativity attached to us.  We paired up and while we weren’t touching the other person, we had to run our hands over the other person, about 2-3″ away from them.  Now I have to tell you… I was thinking… Ok here we go.. I never feel anything (except energy).. I dont hear anything.. I dont see anything… Im going to look stupid.  But the teacher said consistently… trust whatever come through.  dont discard anything.  So here we went…   My partner was scanning me…  but getting very frustrated because she could not feel cords but was feeling something bigger…  The teacher came over and asked what was wrong.. I just looked at her and said.. “Im broken”.  She smiled and my partner proceeded to tell her that there was something in the way. So she asked what it felt like… and was told that it was like a huge rubber band.  My teacher (Elizabeth.. let’s call her E for the sake of this post) took out her pendulum… looked at me with a strange look and asked me if she had ever read me.  I said no.  She looked me straight in the eye and told me what my partner was feeling was armor.  I was like.. “Say what?”  E told me that I’m a warrior angel.. and at night when I am asleep.. I go to the other side and work with Archangel Michael.  So I am standing there not knowing what to make of that…  and we continue on…  Now it’s my turn.  I start to scan my partner.  I go over her back.. feel a few resistances so I touch lightly with my finger to let her know where they are… then I go around front.. Im scanning in front of her chest and my  hands are tingling like crazy!  I said.. I dont know if it’s you or me but wow…  My partner starts telling me that my hands are on fire!  She could feel it in her chest.  I didn’t know what to make of that… but kept going and as I worked my hands up over her face.. she started to wabble and asked what I was doing to her.  As I was about to answer she lost her footing and I caught her with my hand.  (I swear I wasn’t doing anything).  She almost fell on the floor.  At this point everyone else in class was finished and watching us.  I quickly finished up as I thought I had hurt her.  Only she walked away saying.. “That was awesome!!”  I thought.. “Oh whew.. she’s ok”.  Wondering the whole time what had just happened.  But at this point I gathered that it doesn’t matter if Im actively sending energy… if energy needs to be sent.. it’s going to flow through regardless.  And I just happened to be the conduit for her in that moment.  Pretty cool I thought. 🙂

Next was a meditation… I didn’t realize it was also a healing.  E proceeded to tell us that we needed to release all “things” that had been hurled at us in our lifetime and in past lifetimes.  Energetically speaking.  (Ya know when you get ticked off at someone and the feelings that fly through you in that moment… well those thoughts reach the other person in one form or another)  Anyway..  She had us releasing swords in our back.. axes.. knives.. etc.  and the list was a long one… when it came to body started to heave… then she got to abuse… physical abuse.. sexual abuse.. and my entire body felt like a huge ball was being ripped out of it..I can only imagine it was negative energy that had been built up from life experiences past and present.  It felt like this huge mass of energy flew out of me.. and then I started bawling!  I was like.. What the hell?  tears poured from my eyes like a faucet.  E kept going…finishing the list.  I felt utterly stupid… and couldn’t even raise my head.  She found a tissue and everyone else went on a break.

I got up and went to E and asked her… “What is wrong with me?”  She was like.. what? I said.. “What just happened?”  She told me that I had just released many years of bad experiences (Neg. energy) that had been holding me back. And that nothing was wrong with me… she told me that I had the light of Archangel Michael within me and that Im of his lineage.  She said I was here to do big things…  she said some people do many little things but that I was here to handle big things.  I was a little confused and asked if I could still do healing work.  She smiled and said..”Of course”.  I asked her what the armor was for.. and she said “protection”.  I asked her from what?  She told me that I fight evil on the other side.  With that I left and took a break to clean up.

Honestly… I dont know what any of this truly means.  If you think you’re having a hard time trying to wrap YOUR brain around what Im saying. Imagine how I feel?  All I know is that I have a very strong energy that runs through me that others can feel whether they are near me or not. And I want to learn how to channel it to do good things.

In this workshop we also learned how to do angel readings.  This one was a tough one for me because I’ve always relied on other intuitives to give me answers.. and now Im being asked to trust my own intuition and give other ppl answers.  What I found was this…  during the workshop we started with taking off our shoes.. we had them near the door.. at one point we had to go grab someone elses shoes that we didn’t know and “read” them.  Again.. I sat in my seat thinking.. I feel stupid.. I never get anything… I cant do this… but the teacher simply said.. write down EVERYTHING you think and feel.. dont disregard anything.  So I sat there with these shoes… I held them.. put them on.. and started writing.. I only had visual blips and thoughts.. so it wasn’t much and I honestly thought these were just my own thoughts.  But I wrote them down anyway… Red car (ok Im just thinking of my own car)  stick shift in the middle… convertible..(Ok now Im just thinking of cars in general.. ugh!)  a beach… sunset.. a house with large windows.. and a few more things that I dont recall at the moment.  So now the person whose shoes I had came over to me.  I sat down with her and told her that I really dont think I got anything.. I apologized.. and she just said.. “well tell me what you got”.  So I  mentioned the red car.. she looked at me and was so excited.. she proceeded to tell me how that car was her baby.. she had the car for 17 years.. and loved that car.. but it was old and she needed to get a new more reliable one…  I mentioned the stick shift and convertible (Feeling really stupid) and she told me the car she now had, had a stick shift in the middle and it was a convertible!  I almost fell on the floor!!! I was like… Are you kidding me?  she laughed and said no. 🙂  so I continued on about the beach and sunsets.. and feet in the sand.. (thinking it was kind of general).  She told me that she loved sunsets, they were her favorite and that she was leaving in the morning to go on vacation and was staying at a house on the beach!!!  All this from a pair of shoes!  I started thinking…. wow.. maybe there is something to this.

Next were the angel readings.  I had my cards.. I cant make heads or tails of tarot cards but for whatever reason I can read angel cards and get ALOT of information from them.  I did the same thing.. I just let out everything I felt even if I thought it was my own thoughts.. and with everyone I read, I was dead on! It was vague and not as indept as I had only just started but I was very surprised.  Now part of our certification was to do 10 more readings… and so I put myself out there and asked if anyone wanted one.  It would help me get practice and who knows?  So little by little I was doing readings mostly from people I didn’t know.  (Reading ppl you know is extremely difficult).  What I found was that when I followed my gut feelings I was 95-100% accurate.  There was one time I left something out because I kept thinking it was just me… but after talking to the person more I realized it wasn’t me.. and I told her what I had felt and again was right on!!  I couldn’t believe it.  So now no matter what comes through I say it.  Because for whatever reason, Im being given information that is meant to be delivered.  I only connect with my angels so I know the source is good. 🙂  Whatever comes through may not make any sense to me but might make perfect sense to the person I’m reading.

Now Angel readings aren’t my main objective in all of this… but they are helping me develop my intuition which I need for energy work.  And I’m helping bring peace to those I’m reading for.  I’m not sure why I’m being given the readings that I am… but I’m thankful and truly have come to care for those I’m doing the readings for.  I know there should be a personal boundary… but I can’t not care.  I guess this is something I’ll need to work on as time goes on.  I’m told you can care but still be disconnected.  Not sure how that works…

One thing that I really didn’t want to look at was mediumship.  I thought.. well, I didnt need that part of things.  But I was so wrong.  In most of the readings Ive done recently.. mediumship was a strong part of it.  I got experience regardless and am grateful for those who trusted me with something so personal.  This is not an easy thing… but I asked for the right words to pass on the information that came to me, so that I might bring peace and comfort.  I recorded myself a few times so I wouldn’t miss anything when I typed it up (The email readings), and found that I didn’t even recognize my voice during the session… It was me.. but it was a very low and gentle sounding voice. Not the lively voice that you hear when you talk to me.  I found that interesting.

The workshop taught me to trust myself.. and even though it’s the most difficult part right now just starting out.. it’s the most important.  And the feedback I’ve been getting is EVERYTHING!  I finally believe I can do this part of it.  I tried to do energy work without it and while I could send energy… I didn’t know where to direct it within the body or how to really send it so that it would benefit the person I was sending it to the most.  Now I understand so much more.  I even learned about pendulums!  I used to think they were for ppl who practiced magic.. but that’s not true.  They work on energy!!  They are pretty cool when you watch how they work.  It’s almost like a dousing rod!  I went through a bunch and went to the workshop saying they just dont work for me.. and I was trying to figure out how to make them work. and E said that you dont make them work… you find one that wants to work with YOU.  I was like.. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh  (one of many “duh” moments).  So after that I tested them out and was surprised to find some that wanted to work with me and some that didn’t.  So now I have a few that want to work with me and they help with yes no stuff.. as well as checking chakras 🙂  Even my son and one of my friends can both use them now.  It’s fun to play and watch them move.. but when you need an answer… you can get one.  Only you can’t have an attachment to the outcome of the answer.. or you can make it do what you want. (I learned that today.. I moved the darn thing in whatever direction I wanted to just by thinking about it.  Ticked me off!!!lol)  So if its something personal.. have a friend ask the question with their crystal or pendulum.  You’ll get a correct answer that way.  I have my angel friends that I made in the workshop on speed’dial with their crystals if I need an answer, and they have me.. ha ha  (Not really.. but just about)

Ok… so the workshop is finished and I did all my homework and my certification is in the mail.  In March I’ll be doing the Advanced workshop.  In Jan.. I’m doing the Soul Therapy Practitioner workshop. All with E.  I’m in the process of deciding when to get my certification in Integrated Energy Therapy… it might be next month.. or soon thereafter.

This week there was a huge change in my overall plans in regards to Polarity therapy.  I had been going back and forth with it for months but still planned to do the program regardless.  But when it came down to signing the loan the other night… I just kept going over it in my head.  It was alot of money and I wasn’t sure it was right for me.  I know it is a good modality… but I needed to add so much to it to make it what *I* needed it to be.. that it just didn’t seem quite right.  I like how it aligns the energy systems of the body… but it was lacking the spiritual part… I was accessing energy but from where?  I knew I’d add IET to make it my own..and working with angels… but then I thought.. I can do IET without adding anything to it.  It stands on its own.  It’s much faster to get certified (4 days as opposed to 1 year) and much less expensive.  I could learn many different energy modalities quickly and at much less cost.  Basically when it comes to energy work… once you have it flowing through you.. you dont need a bunch of ways to do it.. you just need intent and belief.  I have all of that and then some.

At 2 am I was panicking and trying to figure out what to do.  My whole plan was verging on this loan.  I was way too close to this and my nerves weren’t  helping… so I decided to ask my fellow classmates to check with their intuition… and I emailed 4 big guns (so to speak).  I asked for them to please connect with the powers that be to help me with this decision.  I think I knew deep inside me what the answer was.. but I had had a plan.  If I let that go.. what then?

Basically… all my classmates came up with the same answer except one.. but I knew why hers was slightly different.  What they got was, “Not now”.  So I waited for the other 4… one who had been a big fan of polarity, and me going, got nothing at all.  She meditated that morning to try and get guidance and they gave her nothing.  I know why now.  The next got a good feeling about me going but I think this was the same reasoning as one of my classmates.  They thought it was my fear/ego taking over… and it wasn’t. It was more logic and reasoning finally.  The third… she made me think of my reasoning… (I was trying to make Polarity into something else that *I* needed) I wasn’t donig it for the right reasons..  not to mention the money aspect.  The 4th…  E.  She came right out with it… She told me point blank that Archangel Michael was asking me to PLEASE not do Polarity or the loans at this time.  That I had so much to work on right now.  Everyone wants readings.. I could start with that.  Learn as I go basically and use what I learn.  She then asked me to think about the end result basically… talk to others who are doing polarity… are they working?

I had alot to think about… and basically it came down to this… right now, putting more debt on myself for an uncertainty wasn’t a smart idea. Especially one that I needed to change to make it my own.  Soooooo I decided not to take the loan.. and put off Polarity for now.  (Would you go against an Archangel?) This left me feeling a tad depressed for a minute.  But ya know… the minute I made that decision.. a million other ideas came to me and I even emailed a healing center… explained what I was trying to do… and asked if they were interested in a work in progress.  The owner emailed me back within the hour and said he wanted to meet with me and discuss options.  🙂   I truly believe in divine guidance.  And.. when I finally allowed myself to listen.. peace came, followed by new opportunities. 🙂

This may or may not be the right opportunity for me right now.. but it’s a start in the right direction and I know there will be more to come 🙂

I learned a very hard lesson over the past week.  When I dont listen to my own inner guidance or even that of others who know more than I do… sooner or later I’m going to be forced to listen.  I knew I had a path… I knew my plan.. I really didn’t need more answers outside of myself.. but yet I was still searching and going to everyone else for answers instead of trusting myself.  So one morning I got this strong feeling that I needed to meet with this author and  famous intuitive that was coming to Mass from California.  When I first heard about it.. I was excited as I had been reading her book.  I understood her scientific part about frequency and personal vibration…  I love that kind of stuff.  The cost however to see her personally was not cheap so I ruled it out.  But that morning for whatever reason.. I was being guided to go see her.  I was like… “really?”  So I called and set up the appt.  I got even more excited.. I thought..Ok now she’d going to tell me Im on the right track.. she’s going to confirm my feelings.. give me direct guidance on this whole polarity thing…   well.. that day came and I went in to see her.  I understood everything she said…. the whole science and math part… vibration… numbers… you name it.  But when I told her what happened at the workshop… it all changed.  She proceeded to discount everything E had told me.

EVERYTHING!  I walked out of there thanking her for her reading… dumbfounded… at first I thought I had some form of clarity and then when I got in my car.. I “woke up”.  I was like.. “What the hell was that?”  Over the next 3 days I went in a downward spiral.  I ran the clearing techniques through me several times a day to rid myself of the negativity and cords… but nothing was working.  She had grabbed a hold of my mind and taken something from me.  Something that was very deep inside of me.  Finally I ran the violet flame through me till I was literally on fire (energetically speaking) till there was only white light left inside of me.  It took 3 days to rid myself of this feeling. Then I realized that noone can take anything from me unless I let them.  I looked up and asked.. “What the heck was that???  You wanted me to go… I dont understand.”  Then that instant knowing happened in my brain… and I knew.  I had been looking everywhere and anywhere for my answers instead of trusting in myself.  And no matter what I already knew… I still kept searching outside of myself.  So they sent me to the one person that would rock me to my core!  A test???  Oh hell yeah!  But I got it.  In that very moment I knew that I would never go outside of myself again for answers that I already knew inside.  It was a hard lesson.  But that’s what happens when we don’t listen to our own inner guidance.  Life throws us curveballs. 🙂

This whole journey is a learning experience….  but wow.. what a ride.   It’s worth every second 🙂

Till Next time….
***Angel Blessings***

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