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I.E.T. (Integrated Energy Therapy) combines with Shamballa, and Lightarian Reiki is a unique process that does an energetic alignment and balancing of your body, removing blocks and negative energy.  This creates a feeling of calm, as well we a sense of peace and clarity that you haven’t felt in a long time. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Sessions can also have the effect of opening you up spiritually, if that is your path. Energy healing has been effective in helping virtually every known illness, creating a beneficial effect.

What Clients are Saying

Hi Sally, I just wanted to take a moment to say a big thank you for our combo session yesterday! I had no expectations going in, but wanted to let you know that it truly was a wonderful experience. I thank you for your insight and ability to clear things that I didn’t realize I was still holding onto. You truly are gifted and I’m so glad I was able to share time and space with you. I can honestly say that I’m feeling much lighter and have clarity that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I promise I wont hesitate to see you again.  Thanks again, Christie

Christie H of Leominster, Ma.

I've been getting readings from Sally for a long time now; it's getting close to 10 years! She's phenomenal at what she does, and the readings are always uplifting and encouraging. There's good advice and never any judgment. I also tried a healing session and was blown away by how wonderful and peaceful I felt after it. I highly recommend Sally whenever you could use some guidance, a boost of self esteem, or healing! She's my go-to person any time I need some extra help spiritually.

Koree Knutson, Holden, Mass.

I started off with energy healing sessions and readings from Sally then progressed to her doing attunements with me (in the healer program). This provided me with more clarity in my life and enhanced my practice at work.  Everything she does leaves me with calmness and a sense of peace. It has greatly benefited me in several ways and I'm very thankful she was able to do that.

Becky Lorion, Esthetician and Spa Therapist, Owner of Skinfluentials
Lynn of Denmark Testimonial

Words cannot express much how your Healing/Reading Combo Session with you during the weekend has helped me. Thank you so much. Through your healing and reading, you have helped me define myself on how all my life experiences had played a rule in my entire being. My lack of vision left me feeling powerless. Your healing helped me immensely to  let go of the routine of my own life being visually handicapped. You have given meaning to my world. How Grateful am I to have stumble to your Blog by chance. I should have known you earlier it would have save me a lot of frustrations, heartbreaking moments and emotionally depress. I would like to recommend whoever need a Spiritual Healing to Sally. You will never be disappointed.  A million of thanks again and again, and my heartfelt gratitude to your Gracious Guides & Angelic Friends. You are specially chosen from The HIGHEST SOURCE The Mission to guide and help the most in need. And above all you are the only hope of many people and of humanity in this planet.

Erlinda Olsen of Denmark, Visually Impaired Worker for the International Blind Organization

"Thank you so much for our Reiki session the other day it was amazing!!! The stress and fear is lifted. I went for the longest walk that I have been on in six months yesterday with my dog, Smoky...and he really thanks you 🙂 I have had to cut my walks short due to the incredible chest pain... No more chest pain...I feel great and I will definately do it again.”


Nicole Williams, Owner of Nikki’s Rabbit Hole

I’ve been a client of Sally’s for years. She provided me with healings, attunements, readings, and guidance. I found her when I needed to learn, heal, and ascend in my life. Her gifts proved to be Divine, Pure, and extraordinarily powerful that I will continue, no matter how far I ascend on my journey, to turn to her for anything I need spiritually. Thank you God, the Angels, and the Universe for putting her on my path. I am who I am because she is part of my life. Thank you Sally!

Gina McEnroe
Druanne S Testimonial

My session with Sally was powerful. She exuded professionalism, kindness, and compassion. Her utmost concern was for my comfort. My session was an emotional one. The day following I felt clear, at peace, and lightened. I highly recommend Sally for the work that she does.

DruAnne S, Georgetown, MA
Stephanie B Testimonial

I had an incredible experience with Sally. I suggest everyone give it a try. If you want to feel better, so see Sally and have all your negativity pulled and released by her. It's amazing how incredible you feel after, and how you look at life and yourself differently..... I am so glad I met Sally!

Stephanie B., Templeton, MA
Jenn P Testimonial
On a rainy day in May 6 years ago my life as I knew it came tumbling down. I thought I had the hurt, sadness
& pain under control…Then I went to Blue Butterfly of Hope Spa day for Mothers Day & it has turned my life around! It was amazing!! I felt “light” including “lightheaded” walking out that door! I feel I can face everyday with new found hope & will definitely be going back!! I highly recommend going at least once to try it out & you will also be amazed!
Jenn P. , RN, Leominster, MA
Patrick H Testimonial

Sally is a life-saver. Her energy healing service is the most amazing stress-buster! Running two businesses can get crazy and Sally is always there to help me get centered and focused. I now see Sally on monthly basis. She is a complete professional and well worth traveling to. If you are looking for an alternative to massage therapy (which only makes you feel better for a day),  Sally is your answer.

Patrick H, East Providence, RI

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